Aadrit Srivastava – The Child Prodigy

Aadrit Srivastava is an extraordinary kid from Bangalore, Karnataka. Coming from a multilingual family ( mother Bengali, Dad from UP), he is well versed in 3 languages i.e. Hindi, English, and Bengali, and can communicate in all of them very efficiently. Despite English not being his mother tongue he has the uncanny ability to tell stories with proper grammar and tenses in English. He easily grasps anything by listening to it only once and is aware of all internal and external organs of the body, planetary system, seasons. Moreover, he understands phonetics too very well and very easily identifies the starting letter of any word. From the day he started speaking he showed a glimpse of his talents and at a tender age of 3.4 years, his parents understood his potential as a Prodigy.

He has won multiple certificates of achieving the first position in Montessori school competitions. He also shows interest in music, learning new words and concepts, and especially towards the specific genre of Ghazals that is very unlikely for his age. He has just started schooling virtually and seems to be an introvert and usually enjoys his own company and is keen towards learning more and more around him. His parents both being working parents, he has adapted the idea of playing alone and not being dependent on someone at a very early age of around 2.5 years. His parents look forward to seeing him as a good human being and understanding the basic humane qualities of life. From the first day, he crawled and said Mumma he has been a pride to the family.

His parents try not to make him aware of his achievements at such an early age and later on they will let him slowly understand the idea of his achievements so that he is not overwhelmed with it and continues his hard work and achieve further skillsets. His journey of learning has been a continuous process and all his above-referred efforts have collectively helped in achieving laurels that come in his way. According to his parents, Abhishek Srivastava and Debadrita Choudhury Aadrit is a very very kind and loving kid with a great mind. They always teach him the values of life and the importance of hard work and dedication for success. As parents they never let any pressure come in their way and recommend other parents to understand their child’s interests and encourage and nurture them at their best.

We are sure by now you would be delighted by this child prodigy who is such an inspiration to other kids and is constantly working hard to bring pride to his parents. This is all about Aadrit Srivastava, the Child Prodigy team wishes him more glory and best of luck to keep up with his dedication and for his future endeavors.