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AAHANA KHARKAR the Youngest Speaker!

Intramural light or happiness is what Aahana means and just like her name, Aahana is similar to sunshine and has a bright aura and beautiful smile.

Aahana is five years old and at such a young age has received the title of the Youngest Public Speaker. She started her journey by delivering speeches at the delicate age of four. Her vocabulary and diction at the age of 5 years are clear, impressive, and effective. She can impress and attract the crowd through her expressions and highly informative speeches. Her skill to communicate and adapt to the requirements of the topic helps her become an outstanding public speaker. She can narrate stories very expressively, effectively, and smoothly.

Aahana has mastered the art of public speaking. She is an innate speaker as it runs in her family. Her mother is a solicitor and she learns a lot from her mother. Aahana not just rot learns a topic but comprehends and researches about it very well beforehand. Her mother explains that “her understanding is mature” about complex and bold topics. She can comprehend multifaceted topics with ease. Even when she recites a poem she always explains what the poet is trying to convey. Aahana has recorded videos as long as 8 minutes and she has spoken at length without hesitation. She has made videos on space and described Astronomy at length.

At the young age of 5 years, it is hard to believe that a child can talk as fluently as an adult and this achievement is required to be acknowledged.  Aahana has mastered this art. We have been ignorant towards the “art of speaking”; it is a difficult and incremental amount of courage and dedication. To research a variety of topics and accumulating precise information from a plethora of content is uniquely hard. A five-year-old doing such complex work is the talent of a prodigy.

Aahana has been acknowledged by many people including the jury and judges of various competitions she has participated in. Her mother reveals that Aahana converse like a mature adult about topics that interests her. Aahana is intrigued to know more about the world and tries researching new topics to talk about. Her speeches are contemplated and seek a lot of attention. She prepares her speeches with such intricacies that everyone remains stunned while listening to her. Her speeches are engaging and informative for people of all ages.

Her achievement includes 1st Prize in a national level 1 minute Speech competition held by The Learning Tree. The Topic was Newspaper. She spoke about the newspaper and was able to impart history behind a newspaper and speak about James Augustus Hickey in her speech in less than a minute, 1st Prize in a national level Poem Recitation Competition conducted by Kids Competition. She recited the poem “Tall Trees” written by Ellen Mathais. Further, she has been recognized in the category of National Gold Winners from among 5000+ participants in a national level event “Virtual Science Fair” conducted by Bridge Intelia, where she spoke about “My favorite  Gadget- IPAD” and received National 3rd Winner in an event on national level conducted by Bridge Intelia on the topic “COVID 3rd Wave Event”. This is not even the end as she has acclaimed 1st Prize in Poem recitation conducted by Dr. Sharaddha Wadgire. Aahana’s Speech on natural resources was chosen by a jury from over 3000+ participants as one of the 150 Winners for her outstanding performance.

Her achievements showcase how bright she is. Aahana truly is a prodigy and inspiration to many.

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