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B.K. Shivani has rightly said, “jaisa ann waisa mann.”
Aan Agarwal has proved it right. He is a four-year-old prodigy and a record
breaker. The record for being the youngest to read nine-digit numbers was set
by Aan Agarwal (born on July 13, 2017) of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He read 5
numbers of 9 digits each according to Indian numeral system in 2 minutes at the
age of 3 years, 11 months and 6 days, as confirmed on June 19, 2021.

Till date, Aan has not consumed any medicine and
intakes food as form of medicine for a healthy lifestyle. Aan has never eaten
food from anywhere except from home-made food. He understands how crucial it is
to consume home-made at such a precarious age. According to his mother, his
diet is protein rich with added fibers moreover he drinks fresh coconut water
everyday with ample amount of water. Childhood is the most crucial age of our
lives and a molding phase. Whatever we are molded into we turn up to be the
exact same person. Aan’s mother, Ms. Munmun Agarwal, has taught him the essence
of healthy diet in such a small age and he too follows it properly.

Her mother reminisces how mischievous Aan used to be
as he used to digested mud, stones, shampoo water, washing power and soap once
in a while. Aan’s daily dose of iron was maintained by natural sources like
bones, lentil, cashew and spinach. His bones are strengthened by millets and
ragi. The tummy aid was daliya, nuts, oats, dry fruits and fruits. Even when he
used to go to playschool, his food used to be prepared at his headmaster’s
house, made in pure ghee.

Aan loves getting exposure from his surroundings. To
maintain the connect with the nature he spends a lot of time outside. In the
swimming pool, in the mud, under the scorching sun and in the playground. Aan
also excels in a way that he has zero screen time and no exposure to mobile and
televisions. His exposure is limited because he is in nursery now.

Aan has never missed the school because of
illness, and had hundred percent attendance record for consecutive two years.
He has grown organically and his body creates antibodies unescorted. He has
never taken any medicines, which ascended his body’s ability to create
antibodies to fight germs. His body is internally strengthened because it was
provided with prolonged amount of time to create T cells and antibodies to
fight any disease. 

He has received certificate and appreciation from many educators around the city. He attempted the World Record this year for hammering pin balls in minimum duration of the age of 32 months and 10 days. But due Janta Curfew it was lost as Aan’s age ascended. Recently, Tata trust in collaboration with Isha Foundation planted a tree in Aan’s name; the only child nationwide. He has claimed the title of the “Youngest to read 9-digit numbers” under India Book of Record 2022.

The secret mantra of Aan’s parents is that, “Give time to young ones, and to nature to help develop their body. Nurture curiosity. Be natural. Give enough play and sleep. As childhood come only once. Don’t rush for medicines. A good sleep heals all.”

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