Aarish Saini – The Prodigy Kid

Aarish Saini from Jalandhar, Punjab has shown his talents and proved himself as a child prodigy. A child prodigy is someone with extraordinary talent compared to his/her age. He has been performing phenomenally in ucmas abacus at a very tender age. His parents Gagandeep Saini and Muskan Saini discovered his potential when he was a child. He had been a super bright kid and every day he shows something new that leaves everyone astonished. He has been named Ucmas abacus champion 2021  and has also won the bal ratan award 2021, kids achiever award 2021. He is also a world record holder in the international book of records 2022 and also a record holder in the India book of records 2022.

He is a very loving and caring kid. He is very interested in literature, poetry, drama, mathematic calculations, Rubik’s cube, and badminton. His parents describe him as an extrovert i.e. someone who gets along well around people and enjoys their company. Asking his parents about where they want to see Aarish 10 years from now our team found that like any other parents they want to see him escalating new heights of success.

Sometimes child prodigies are found isolating themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQs and are busy discovering things in their zone. We asked his parents and they disagreed with this statement. They feel that an intelligent child is a perfect source of inspiration and motivation for his peers. His intellectual mind becomes conspicuous. The fame that a child gets through this platform is something beyond imagination and people will start recognizing him so ensuring a normal childhood is very essential for the parents. Aarish’s parents feel that they could easily do so as he is quite humble and grounded. He is not at all arrogant rather he believes in helping out the weak students. His parents teach him the values of life and make him understand the importance of hard work and dedication and at the same time respect others.

Parish has been blessed with all the best traits of being human and is a pride for his parents and society. Every moment with him is memorable and his parents take pride in stating his brilliance and consider him a priceless possession.

All the glories he has achieved are not a result of a day’s work but it has come out of hard work and dedication. He has been working every day to make himself a better version of himself. He has a strong mind with great talents. His parents are the wood that becomes a ladder for letting him reach heights of success. They make ample attempts to create a peaceful milieu around. As being a parent to a Prodigy kid they recommend other parents to explore their child’s hidden talent and nurture and motivate them to excel and grow.

This was all about Aarish Saini and the team Child Prodigy wishes him the best of luck for the future.