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something drastic, cut out the plastic!” –Aayaan Aggarwal

a holiday in Las Vegas, a six-year-old child was flipping through the
television when he came across a news report about dead whale on the banks of
Pacific Ocean. He then researched about it the whole night and found out that
when they dissected its stomach and discovered tones of plastic. A thought came
into his mind, “If plastic could be nemesis for such a magnificent, beautiful
and huge animal, what could it do to us humans.”

child is the youngest TEDx speaker and youngest environmentalist, Aayaan
Aggarwal. At the age of six, he started a movement towards conservation of the
environment by himself and by the age of seven, he started a campaign named
Anti Plastic Crew. He has become the youngest TEDx speaker in the world. He
delivered a speech against single-use plastic at NarseeMonjee Institute of
Management (NMIMS) was uploaded on the TEDx YouTube account recently. He is
passionate about conserving the environment and the planet. His campaign has
helped stopped over two million straws from lining up in the ocean shore.

started with asking his parents to stop using plastic and gradually started
convincing his friends and school authorities for the same. Further, he started
approaching restaurants nearby.

mother explained that even with so much education they thought nothing about
lacking of compassion for environment. We all have this “mindless habit” of
excessively using plastic. Aayaan elucidated a question “what will be left for
us?” The younger generation will be left with plastic wastelands if this imbecile
use of plastic. Aayaan’s principal was speechless that a six-year-old child
that we need to stop using plastic. School is one of the places where the usage
of plastic is utmost, From canteen to Tiffin and from school bags to bottles. His
mother explained that the plastic produces toxins which gets mixed up with
food. The grade of plastic which is used when introduced in Indian temperature
results into the depletion of plastic molecules which gets mixed with water and
food. Therefore, he urged his classmates and school to ban the usage of
plastic. Till last year he took steal box to school for lunch.

the age of six, Aayaan asked his parents “mummy papa, why are we using plastic?
It has hurt the whales and fishes?” After watching the news about whales, he
was left heartbroken. It triggered him a lot therefore he started his campaign.

an interview with us, we asked Aayaan if ever got any criticism from the society.
He revealed that people do say, “you should stop doing this as there are
billions of people and you have barely convinced a few hundreds.” He does not concentrate
about people’s unsolicited opinion say and focus on his movement.

revealed that he always sees an opportunity to give an interview to spread awareness
towards single-use plastic. He has never said a “no” to an interview. He is a
role model to each one of us. He has this zeal to pass through every milestone.

parents proudly said “Aayaan inculcated this in our conscious and made various
places “plastic free zone” like his school and some restaurants.” Aayaan is a
very outgoing person and always speaks his mind. He has never memorized his
speeches and always comprehended the topic.

 To conclude, Aayaan entailed from the core of his heart that, “Do not give up. Some obstacles might feel like a towering mass but in reality it is just a sand castle. Just be consistent.”

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