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Aayansh Dutt Mathur is an eight year old tech prodigy, who came to light after developing and creating android and IOS apps at the young age of six. Born to Dr. Abhishek Dutt Mathur and Dr. Anushree Mathur, Aayansh took the world by storm when he became a game developer and app developer at the age of six. Since then he has developed more than fifty games as well as Android and IOS apps which includes apps for food joints, like Swiggy and India’s largest Food Delivery service Zomato.

In a conversation with The Prodigy Team, Aayansh’s parents shared the beginning of the hobby which made him a wonder kid. “When he was six years old we all had the lockdown situation going on and him being a single child he was bored. So he started playing games on the phone but he wasn’t that good at playing games due to his young age. But then one day he said Papa I want to develop my own games where I can win easily and that’s where I saw the spark and  we decided to start a course with WhiteHat Jr. in game developing” said Dr. Abhishek Aayansh’s father. “I saw him taking more and more interest in making his own games like “Car racing “, “Fruit Ninja”, “Stone Paper scissor” and many more now he just plays the games reducing the difficulty level. As a parent that’s where I saw the potential in him but at the end of the day he is just a kid and he occasionally says Papa I have developed a new app so can I get extra time to play with my phone.I Just love this innocence of my kid ” he further added with a smile. In a world where children are either addicted to games to the point of unhealthy obsession or they are discouraged to never play them, Dr Mathur’s eye for recognizing Aayansh talent is laudable. He not only encouraged him to do his best but also provided him the correct platform.

Additionally, we asked Aayansh’s parents to share some parenting tips to which they humbly obliged. “I feel we should let kids enjoy themselves and support them to do whatever the kid wants. I feel all kids are unique in their own ways so just let them do whatever they love to do and just guide them and support them. you never know with your right education and support your child can do wonders’ ‘ said Aayansh’s father. Dr Anushree Mathur further adds that if a child is talented then it is the role of the parents to let them enjoy the success but at the same time teach them to never turn their pride into arrogance. She said “We need to make them understand there is so much more to learn and never be arrogant about their talent. It’s the responsibility of parents to help children maintain balance in life”.

In addition to developing games and apps, Aayansh is academically talented. He has received Gold medals in English and Maths Olympiad. An ambivert Aayansh never had a problem in mingling with other kids. When asked about their thoughts on the notion that child Prodigies tend to isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ, Aayansh mother, Dr. Anushree Mathur explained, “ I don’t think it’s correct to assume that, as it depends on what kind of education we give to our children rather than generalizing the kid. With Aayansh we are more free and easy going , he is still an eight years old kid who loves to do stuff like a normal child so we don’t put a burden of expectation on him. We just want him to lead normal, focused life and enjoy it to the best.”

Furthermore, Aayansh has developed E- Commerce apps and along with it he has made an app which promotes Make in India, Swachh Bharat abhiyan and Atma Nirbhar Bharat. However his interests don’t end there, he loves to surf the internet for new food recipes and is a huge food lover. “He just loves to be with me and treats me like a friend. He helps and encourages me to cook new dishes as he loves to eat, he searches for new dishes on the Internet and encourages me to make them and as a father I just love it. He used to make a full menu for Sunday” said Dr Abhishek with a chuckle. On being asked where do they expect to see him in the next ten years Aayansh parents gave an admirable answer. They said “We just want to see our child as a good and humble human being who is determined to fulfill his dreams and contribute towards Society” and our team wishes this exceptionally bright kid All the best for his future endeavors. 





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