Adidev Shanker Prasad Varma- The Child Prodigy


“Music shouldn’t be just a tune, it should be a touch.”… A good singer always touches their audience with his voice. Adidev Shanker Prasad Varma from the city of Gurugram situated in the state of Haryana is one such Prodigy i.e. someone with extraordinary skills in adherence to his/her age. Adidev even before his first words started to hum and mimic music. He has always been inclined towards music and has a great sense of it. At the mere age of 18 months, he has a sense of rhythm and beats. He once saw a video of Lydian Nadhaswaram playing piano blindfolded and said he could do it too and did it effortlessly as well.

His parents Gyan Shanker Prasad Varma and Paroma Varma discovered his potential when he sang beautifully and then left them amazed by playing piano blindfolded. Since then they decided that his talent should not go in vain and started his formal music training ( Hindustani classical) and playing synthesizer. He completed his 2nd year in  Hindustani classical from Prayag Samiti and pp in a synthesizer. He has also completed his junior diploma in the same. He is an ambivert i.e. a person who can switch from introvert to extrovert and vice versa as per the need.

We asked his parents about where do they dream to see their child 10 years from now to which they said that they want him to complete his training and see him learning many more instruments and making a name for himself. And also to see his love and sense for music grow thousandfold from now.

We informed them about the features their child would get through this platform and people will start recognizing him and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination so how do they plan to ensure a normal childhood for their child to which they stated the necessity to be grounded and humble. And you cannot expect to be famous and arrogant at the same time. They believe that the child should understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence. To ensure a normal childhood they will make sure that he mingles with his friends and go to the park and playground and do regular kid’s stuff.

Further, we asked them about their opinion on the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone to which they said they don’t think that child prodigies indulge in their interest and many times children of their age may not have similar interests and thus they are not always seen socializing. It also depends on the upbringing and environment and encouragement of their talents and interests that make them beam in confidence and they are ready to showcase their talent on different platforms. 

Sharing some memorable moments they told about an incident when Adidev was just 11 months old and his father was listening to a song and he started humming the music and tapping his hands at the beats. He likes to sing almost the whole day. He loves playing new instruments and exploring a new genre of music. His parents always make sure that their child’s innocence is not robbed by the expectations of society. They believe that pursuing one’s skills and simply having an interest is enough and the child should not be pressurized into anything. They recommend other parents to be a supporting pillar for their children without putting pressure and to guide and nurture their talent.

This was all about Adidev Shanker Prasad Varma and the child prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.