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“Her smile as sparkling as an emerald and her voice as melodious as a nightingale”- Aditi Dutta is a six year old prodigy from Gurgaon. She sings as beautiful as a nightingale. Not just that, she creates up her own songs and creates poems at such a tender age.

Since childhood, she was keen into listening to music and then started learning piano. Learning piano enhanced her singing skills and improvised her ability to create new tunes. Aditi even creates songs out of normal daily using words. Moreover, she tries to rhyme words together and sing it to her parents. Her mother laughingly revealed that Aditi makes a song and instantly forgets what she has sung. Recently, she created a poem for her friends on friendship day this year. She chooses very meaningful words for her songs and poems.

Someone rightly said “Without a song, life is a sad tune” and we can very well agree to this. Aditi makes every word surreal with her melodious voice. Her mother reminisced a memory with us about when Aditi’s teacher taught her the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and Aditi created a beautiful song out of it. Whatever she learns in her school, she transcends it into a song or a poem which is quite remarkable.

Aditi Dutta has appreciative grasping skills which are pretty creative as she learns very steadily everything she is introduced to. She has been praised by many regarding her grasping skills. Her observation ability is also acknowledgeable as she observes even bits of information in her surroundings and memorizes it.

Her mother shared a funny incident with us about when her teacher praised her by saying that “she stands out of the crowd” and Aditi thought that her teacher was complaining that she never in line. Such an innocent child she is.

Aditi is not just talented in the field of singing and reciting poems, she is quiet remarkable in narrating story and has her own YouTube channel. She was featured on the Flipkart website because of talents. Aditi Dutta is such a lively child she brings out an amazing aura.

Aditi’s mother always keeps her engaged in extra-curricular activities. She explained that whenever there is a competition, her mother considers it as an opportunity. She applies her name in every opportunity that comes up. Her mother keeps on looking for online competitions and helps her explore in every aspect possible.

Aditi made her first poem at the age of five which was published on her school website. She received the second runner up title in an online music competition. She received first title in an online extempore for 5-7 years organized by little lea educational consultant.

Her mother’s parenting golden mantra is to “Let your kids be.” She asks every parent to not put pressure on their kids as it hinders their development. She revealed that Aditi considers her mother her best friends as she tells her mother everything even her mistakes.

Her mother concluded “Let your kids grow up on their own, never compare them to other kids as every kid has some talent and they will gradually reveal their talents.”









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