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Just as the meaning of her name, Advita truly showcases that she is one of the unique kinds. She is a five-year-old child prodigy from Mumbai. This prodigy received various titles and broke many records in different fields. In the beginning of the interview taken with us, Advita on her own without any ulterior help gave a presentation on penguins. She is very skilled in the art of presentations and has vast knowledge about the world.

Advita has broken total eleven records including six India Book of Records, two Asia Book of Records, two High Range Book of World Records and one World Records India. At the tender age of three, Advita broke the Indian Book of Records in presenting about doctors and their fields then in presenting about scientist and their inventions.             She also earned a title for presenting about the General Knowledge of India. Further, Advita broke the record by reciting capitals of all countries of the world in 11 minutes and 56 seconds. At the age of four, she broke records by reciting Ganpati Aarti in 2min 45sec, by providing information about the celestial bodies and answered 47 questions related to the solar system, then she set a record for being the youngest to recite name of 206 bones od adult human body along with their names, numbers and their relevant information.

Her mother teaches her almost everything Advita knows about. Her mother, who is a doctor believes in ‘fun with learning’ technique and because of Advita’s sharp grasping skills, she learns everything in seconds. Advita aspires to be an astronaut as she is fascinated by space and related fields. Advita unlike children of her age, is very understanding and creative, she gathers all the information about the topic of her subject by her own and creatively forms presentation about the same. She loves participating in quizzes and recently she presented on Covid situation in school.

Her family provides a supportive atmosphere and never throw their child into stressful situations. Advita is intrigued by her mother’s field of work and is always inclined to know more about her work. Her parents always work hard to fine the right platform for their daughter and tends to remain resourceful for her. Her mother’s golden parenting mantra is that “The minute a question arouses in the mind of a child, it should be solved then and there.” She explains that this technique helps children to have better understanding about concepts and makes their knowledge about things vast.

Initially as a doctor, her mother could not spend time with her daughter in the time of pandemic but eventually it the situation got relaxed which led to them spending more quality time together. This also led to her started Advita nurturing on her own. As a corona warrior, she always protected her daughter from the covid situation.

Advita developed into such gifted child because she was never pressurised. Pressure creates stress which can not harness the young minds and their creative reaches.




Advita’s YouTube channel: GRANDMASTER ADVITA..

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