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A quote by Pablo Picasso was quoted by Aekam’s parents, that says, “Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist as we grow up.”

Aekam is a nine-year-old boy who has always been interested in all the different techniques of art. He started his journey in art with making basic canvas paintings, exhibiting different techniques of painting at a tender age of four. As he grew up, he explored different art forms and was really fascinated with pencil and coloured portraits. His parents were amazed and spellbound with his keen sense and skills of observation. Aekam made over 70 sketches of famous people in the past one year, sketches of people like Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, PM Modi, Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, etc. Aekam was never trained in art, he never attended any art classes. He is a natural born artist.

This talent of Aekam was discovered by his parents when he was around 5 years of age. When we asked them where they would like to see Aekam in the next 10 years, they said they would like to see him pursuing his passion for art. Aekam is an extrovert and his parents don’t feel that he isolates himself from his peers just because he is ahead of them in IQ or any other discipline. He has also won various awards in many different fields which has made him more confident as a person.

When we asked Aekam’s parents to share some memorable moments of their child, they said that all moments are memorable as well as all his achievements. They also told us how Aekam enjoyed different forms of painting since he was just a little over one year old. His other interests apart from art include gaming and sports. His parents also said that they obviously have some expectations as parents but they keep them in check and never try to pressurize their child with anything.

They further went on to tell us how Aekam’s family meant the world to him, how amazing he is at calculations even though he never attended any extra classes and also how great he is at art which he self-taught himself. Aekam has went on to be appreciated by The India Book of Records, in August 2020, for being the youngest to draw pencil and coloured portraits of more than 50 famous personalities. He has also received The Global Kids Achiever’s Award, 2020, for his exceptional performance in the field of art. He recently also received Pratibha Samman Bal Ratan Award, 2021 for art and India Star Icon Kids Achievers Award, 2021 for art from the National Academy for Art Education, Pune. Aekam has also won the National Art Excellence Award from Centre for Educational Development and Research. His artworks have been exhibited in several National and International art exhibitions in the past year. He has participated and won many art contests, some of them being at state and national level.

Lastly, Aekam’s parents told us some parenting tips for our readers. They said that you should keep encouraging and motivating your child in whatever field they want to go in. Keep encouraging them to give their best in whichever field they hold interest in and that success is just a by-product of that.



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