Akshara P-‘The Multitalented Girl’


Every child is unique from each other and yet there exist exceptions in these children as well and those are exceptionally talented and gifted pupils one such girl is Akshara who at the age of 5 has the great mental ability and loves to solve mathematics problems mentally with speed and accuracy. Her parents discovered her talent when she was just 22 months old and said, “we took her to our cousin’s place, where she saw a cat and played with it. Again, we took her to the same place after 5 months and she asked where is the cat then started looking for it.” This incident made her parents notice her memory power and from there onwards they started playing memory games with their daughter one such game was memorizing 30 flashcards sequence-wise in 1 minute and this became her favorite memory game.

Being an ambivert, her parents try to mingle with her with other people. She is often able to identify the mentality of others and act accordingly. Her parents stated on the notion that if child prodigies isolate themselves, “It depends on how the Prodigy children are been brought up and their environmental situations in which they are exposed” and added that emotional intelligence is also important. 

When asked about their future thoughts regarding their daughter from 10 years now, they replied “One simple answer for the time – ‘Beyond the Horizon’. From our perspective, we would like her to be identified as a Scientist. But she desires to become whatever she wants to be in her life. We are pretty sure, whatever she selects, she will top-notch with the excellent quality of skills.” They have faith in their daughter that she is mature enough to adapt to the environment and even they will put all the effort to ensure a normal childhood for her.

When asked about pressure that they might have felt due to societal expectations, they said “In our current world, competitions and expectations are surrounding us like the air we breathe. But we have got enormous energy to outsmart these with the filters and make sure our kids are grown only in the way which was created for them. We are educating Akshara to make her understand the situation and then to choose the right path which will be ideal for her to excel. Choosing the things we need and the way to conquer them with a plan will filter out the unwanted things from her and she can achieve her goal with ease.”

The parenting tips they give to all the parents is that they should build self-esteem and self-confidence in their kids and make them discipline and added, “We need to make them more punctual which in turn will automatically build them with more good characters. Also, making them understand the importance of time from an early stage will be more advantageous. Never encourage kids too much or too less.”

Akshara never gets distracted and stays engaged in the things she does which remind her parents about the saying “Things done by halves are not done right”. Akshara is very fluent in English. She loves doing sudoku of 9*9 and playing brain puzzles. She took a keen interest in learning about the periodic table and has mastered w the first 40 elements. She is a fast learner and has been blessed with very good memory skills. She likes doing new things like reading, playing chess writing her own stories, cooking, and painting. 

This was all about Akshara P, The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavors.