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Bonnie Blair once said “Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before” and this is the quote Amritha lives by. Amritha, a young Bharatnatyam dancer of Indian origin is making her name in the Indian classical dance society with her passion from the last five years. The young dancing prodigy has been recognized and acknowledged on a variety of national and international platforms. In a candid interview with the Child Prodigy Team Amritha shared her thoughts and love for the dance.

While talking about her favorite aspect of classical dance she said “I love the expressions and I just want to show them.” Originating from Natya Shastra, this dance form is well-known for its rigid dance routine and practice one must do to achieve perfect facial expressions. However, despite her young age Amritha manages to ace that. When asked how Amritha’s parents were able to discover her talent her mother replied “She was always a very flexible child and very expressive at that, doing various hand gestures (used in the dance) every now and then. Her grandmother noticed it and she was taken to dance classes”. Although one can say that Amritha had an innate talent for the dance she herself gives all the credit to her dance mentor  Reshmi Pathiyath. “Under her mentorship Amritha grew and is constantly improving. Her guru teaches her how to be a better version of herself through dance. She even interprets the meaning behind each lyric for her better understanding” says Amritha’s mother.

Furthermore, Amritha also enjoys drawing and she idolizes the eminent dancer Shobana Chandrakumar Pillai . A very curious child by nature Amritha continues to learn from her dance. She constantly asks about the story behind the dance as she is very much interested in the concept and theme of the performance. She religiously follows lord Krishna and is very fascinated whenever their dance is based on the lord. Her passion and curiosity is matched by her parents and teachers alike Even in the hard times of covid-19 Amritha managed to learn a lot on her own. Not limited to classical Indian culture, her recent performance on Independence day on “Vaishnav jan toh” earned her lots of praise and love.

Moreover she is constantly encouraged by her parents and is never under pressure. “We took her to keyboard and music classes, showed her art and crafts and numerous other things before she found herself fascinated by the dance. Letting the kids explore their talent, grabbing whatever they like and enjoy is the best course. They should be given a chance to explore” said her mother. She further shared that she makes sure that she is never exhausted mentally or physically. They focus on her studies on weekdays and manage to get more than enough time on weekends to follow her passion. The same routine they follow in short as well as long term. Amritha’s father also emphasized how it is very important to let the kids do what interests them and stop painting their canvas with your own colors. “We should give those opportunities and platforms a chance to do things but not spoon feed them everything.”

 Amritha’s father is the one who finds out about various competitions and platforms for their kid to showcase her talent. “He is the happiest when she dances and when she is truly happy. My duty is just to make her ready psychologically so that she shouldn’t take any kind of competitive pressure and do her makeup, but he is the one who is constantly searching and providing her the best” added Amritha’s mother.

Amritha’s parents never give in to pressure nor does Amritha. Participating in numerous competitions Amritha never indulges herself in the number game, her  main goal is to be the best version of herself. “I just want to do my best and dance happily” says the little bundle of joy who shines the brightest when she is following her passion. Although not sure what she is going to become in future she is positive that she wants to keep dancing and we at Code Bharat wish Amritha a life full of happiness and Dance.



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