Anaanya Kochar – Content Creator


Kids and even adults are addicted to social media these days. The social media even got active participation of the users in the lockdown. It has created a buzz around the internet yet, not everyone finds it easy to act before the camera. In the era of the suffers we came through a young content creator Anaanya Kochar. The young star kid belongs to Delhi. Anaanya Kochar is talented in acting, dancing and also does some stuff related to comedy. The parents Ramneek Singh Kochar (father) and Puneet Kochar (mother) of Anaanya Kochar discovered talent in 2019.

Anaanya Kochar’s parents have the ideology that every child has different interests. The parents want their children to become excellent in their studies. Yet, if parents support the child in finding the talent which is hidden not only helps in the development of the child but also helps in making the child mentally strong. The parents of Anaanya Kochar are protective and supportive. This era is full of uncertainties and criticizers. Therefore, the parents do not bother their child with the social pressure and involve Anaanya Kochar in other activities also like card making and baking. Anaanya Kochar’s parents even support her in pursuing any field she finds her interest in. 

 Anaanya Kochar is an extrovert in nature and this nature helped her a lot in becoming friendly and entertaining over the internet. She socializes very well with others and that opens one new door as her friendly nature allows her to learn new things from others. When she first started making videos was just a hobby and a curiosity. She found it interesting and it made her happy. But, after some time her video went viral over the internet and slowly, she got another family over the internet. Today, she has around 1.25 crores followers on YouTube, 200 thousand followers on Instagram and she have crossed 6millions follower on the Takatak. She is the young star of our nation. She is not only interested in acting but also interested in games like badminton. 

Anaanya Kochar is not only just a star kid but she is also a loving and responsible daughter. In the times when her mother is ill, she instead of creating a problem helps her father in the household chores. She sometimes even gives her mother an off from the kitchen and bake a cake for her. She is a very responsible child and is the favorite of everyone in the house. The parents of Anaanya Kochar still think that it was just yesterday when she was born, went to school for the first day. 

 This was all about the star kid Anaanya Kochar who have achieved the love of million people at such small age. The Child Prodigy prays that she gets more love and recognition. We wish that this star kid someday achieves her dreams in the coming future.