Anagha – The Inquisitive Child

Child Prodigies never fail to amaze us in one way or the other. Today we will be talking about one such prodigy Anagha Praveen, who has a brilliant mind. She is from Kochi, Kerala. She studies in Craft World School. She is the daughter of Praveen Thomas and Mridula Praveen. 

Anagha is an inquisitive child who always wants to know random and surprising facts of anything that comes to her mind. She has great memory power and creativity.

Her parents discovered her talents when she was close to 2 years old, she started solving even the toughest puzzles available to her. She learned everything super-fast and then they realized that she is a gifted child.

Anagha’s passion for the English Language and her love for tongue twisters has recently found her three record titles in the Indian Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, and Universal World Records. She repeated one of the most difficult tongue twisters in English- “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” twenty times in a minute.

According to her parents after 10 years from now, Anagha would be exploring the world around her on her own as it will quench her thirst for fascination and curiosity. Her unmatched potential and uniqueness would make her stand out from the crowd and her kindness and compassion would give her a golden place in everyone’s hearts.

When our team ask her parents how would they ensure normal childhood after she gets recognition from this platform? 

They replied that they would let her be herself. It is essential to allow children the room to make mistakes, learn from them and reach out for help when they need it. Moreover, unconditional support and love would keep her childhood robust with a lot of wild play opportunities in nature. The importance of taking responsibility and doing chores would make her understand the ground rules of a normal childhood. They also said that all the moments with our daughter are memorable ones.

Her interests including history and Indian mythology seem very interesting to her. Reading and water play are her favorite things to do.

We further asked whether they have felt the pressure of the expectations from the society on their child or not? 

To this, they replied – “Yes, we explain straightaway to the people who expect them that we allow our daughter to be herself and she is discovering herself on a day-to-day basis. After all, she is also a child, her development and milestone she can achieve are unpredictable”.

Anagha’s parents shared a parenting tip to raise a child prodigy- “All children are wonderfully unique and let them be themselves. Insulate them from society stereotypes.”.

Anagha is a compassionate child who always consoles everyone in our family with wise words she read from books. She takes care of her younger cousins with love and joy and keeps them engaged for long hours without any issues.

This was all about Anagha. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.