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With lots of drive and determination, this prodigy proved that she can do almost anything she set her mind to.

Anaisha Lakhani has been honored with the title of the Youngest Mosaic Maker with Rubik’s cube. She’s won national Rubik’s cube championships oraganised by Indian Cube Association 3 times.
She secured 1st rank in Silverzone olympiads in maths and English and
She has secured merit position in National Chess Championship.

While giving an interview to us, Anaisha told us that she initially learned Rubik’s cube when she was four years old. Her inspirational story started, when she chose to pick puzzles among other toys. She showed interest towards solving complex puzzles and other challenging stuff. Her mother searched online for classes. She came across an academy named “Genius Kid.”They had a program for Mental Math and Rubik’s cube and Anaisha enrolled in it. This how it all started and then there was no looking back. Initially she used to take around 1 to 1.5 minute bur currently she takes only 30 to 35 seconds. Anaisha can solve eight to nine types of cubes and it is all because of her consistent practice.

Her mother found a creative video while scrolling through the internet and introduced what beautiful things Anaisha can create from her talent. Anaisha then came up with an idea which surprised everyone. She asked her parents for 500 cubes because she wanted to make mosaics. She was so dedicated that her parents gave her the opportunity and bought her best quality rubiks cube by “Indian Cube Association”. Initially she started making mosaic with 100 cubes. Then, for father’s day she took his father’s old picture and thought of creating a mosaic of it. It took almost nine hours. She did not anything, did not come outside of the room and did not talk to anyone while creating her mosaic. When it was ready she showed it to her parents and they all got emotional and defined it as “the most beautiful thing they have ever seen.”

This motivated her and she started creating portraits of celebrities. Her mother made her a profile on social platform where she could post her art work. At first, Anaisha created a mosaic of Sonu Sood’s Picture which ultimately got viral. She took this as an opportunity and created more mosaics of inspirational celebrities like Virat Kohli, Neeraj Chopra and many more. Anaisha now takes around six hours to create a mosaic.

Her mother revealed that “Children’s brain is in a developing phase till the age of ten. While this age give your life and soul to you children till their life is sorted. Let them explore the world.”

Anaisha further has interest in singing, playing basketball and running. Moreover she is brilliant in mental math and coding. Her mother explained, “If you are not becoming expert in one thing, its fine but at least you are learning something out of it.”

“Every child is gifted, every child is talented and every child has caliber; Parents are only required to explore it and channelize their energy in a proper way.”

Anaisha’s story is inspiring for many youths and for us also.



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