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Anaishaa Pinkesh Nahar is a 10-year-old girl, who is a self-taught keyboard player and a very passionate chess player. She has represented her country at international level in chess. She has also received the acknowledgement of the Youngest Maharashtra State Chess Champion at the age of 6, under 7 category. Anaishaa has also glorified the Indian flag at world level c, currently being 19th in the world and no. 1 in India with her international rating of ELO 1450 in under 10 category across the world. She is self-motivated and a self-driven girl. She is also very helpful as she helped her younger brother in playing the national anthem in the school assembly. Her aim is to use her calmness to deal with any kind of challenges in her life. Moreover, her skills in chess enable her to analyse any critical situation to respond with her creative logical thinking. She also takes a very keen interest in art and craft during her free time.  

At the age of 4, Anaishaa showed interest and excellence in chess. At the age of 8, she was passionate and persistent to learn to play any Bollywood music by listening to the song’s rhythm for just a few minutes. Anaishaa’s parents want to see her using her rhythmic mind and helping others to be happy. She should also stay motivated enough to teach music to others and continue her progress in excelling in chess at the global level to attain the position of being a woman Grand master. She is an extrovert and her parents don’t feel that she isolates herself from her peers. She takes interest in art and craft, music, singing, baking, cooking and playing sports, like, basketball, running, cycling and swimming. She is also on her school’s basketball team. She also gets gold in all races at school level and is also a gold medallist in the International English Olympiad.

Anaishaa’s mother is a child psychologist and she says that she keeps Anaishaa focused on her goal and lets her enjoy the moment. She doesn’t let her face any kind of pressure from society. Her parents also shared some memorable moments of Anaishaa, like when she was just 9 months old, she sang the Happy birthday song. At the age of 2, she recited twenty lines of Sanskrit Shlokas from a Jain religious book in front of 500 people. At 1.5 years, she earned sgd 150 in Singapore for her first modelling assignment. They also told us that on day five of her birth, Anaishaa already started flipping sides and never watched TV till the age of 5.

Anaishaa is very high on Emotional Quotient. She loves to help her mom in cooking, serving, packing or tidying up the house. She is also a very understanding child. Some of her achievements include, currently being number 1 in India and 19th in the world as per her current standing of international ratings across the world in her age category of Under 10. She is also 4th in MSSA Chess Championship, 2019, Chembur and 4th in Western Asian Youth Chess Championship, 2019, New Delhi. She is 16th in World Cadet Chess Championship, 2019, Weifang and 13th in Under 9 Nationals, 2019, Ahmedabad. In Mumbai City District Chess Selection Tournament Under – 9 Girls Champion, she got 1st place which was held at Worli in 2018 when she was 6 years old. In Mumbai Suburban District Selection – she got 1st place in 2018. Anaishaa is the Maharashtra State Champion in Under 7 Girls Category 2018 and 2017 at the young age of 5 and 6 years respectively. She is a 33rd and 34th Singapore Nationals Chess Champion in Dec 2016 and Dec 2017 where 11 countries (China, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.) participated in “Under 8” category by surprising her parents by her win at a young age of 6 years.

Lastly, Anaishaa’s parents gave us some tips for our readers saying that, you should observe your child. You should hug and give them warmth especially when they have lost something. You should also never over reward your child to make sure that expectations and results are not distracted by material pleasure. 



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