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When Frank Smith once said, “Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift. Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club – the community of speakers of that language” and Andrea is proving just that. Andrea Sujata Prabhakaran is a four year old language prodigy hailing from Indore. At an incredibly young age Andrea has become a bilingual kid with proficiency in English which can make anyone do a double take. An extremely talented kid Andrea is also known for her public speaking skills. In a candid conversation with us Andrea shared her love for the foreign language and she manages to become a master of it.

On being asked how Andrea managed to become an ace in a variety of fields her mother Sujata shared their schedule which allows Andrea to pursue a healthy and fulfilling childhood. “She takes plenty of rest and does what fascinates her. After her classes she is free to do whatever interests her, there is no pressure of any sort, the only thing she has to religiously follow is revision. We revise together whatever she learns at night that helps her a lot” said Sujata. Andrea also partakes in several other activities apart from her academics like sports, drawing and public speaking etc and is being acknowledged by her school as well.

When asked how they managed to teach a language which is not her mother tongue to a kid so young Sujata shared that “learning by being the example” helped a lot. They speak the language in the home most of the time and whenever Andrea is around. However, Andrea completely understands her mother tongue and does not face any problems while communicating. “She doesn’t face any difficulty but other people might” her mother adds with a chuckle. Currently going through hula hoop fad, Andrea is an extrovert kid. Although many prodigy kids find it very difficult to get acquainted with kids their age, Andrea shows no such signs. A very friendly kid Andrea easily mingles up with kids and adults alike. She also enjoys taking part in various extracurricular activities. She recently won a fancy dress completion with her creative idea and topped a rhymes competition for which she is extremely happy.  

Even though their professions require a lot of time from them, Andrea’s parents still manage to spend a considerable amount of time with their children. “Confidence is motivation, even if they make mistakes encourage them. Spend time with your kid, even if both the parents are working because the childhood will never return back. Give them time and motivation” says Sujata. She also believes that every kid is special and blessed; there is no shortcut but time and effort. Parents need to give proper encouragement and guidance to their kid to bring out the best in them. “Do not pressurize let them find what interests them. There should be no limitation with what they can and cannot do. If a person is afraid that their child will ruin walls, if they are given colors then they are limiting the kid. Don’t stop them from doing art just because of ruined walls.” articulated Andrea’s mother.   


Andrea is also a very welcoming and interactive child. When asked how she spent her time indoors during the pandemic the kid replied with a heartwarming smile “By doing hula hoops and drawing.” Andrea might be a four year old kid, but her responsive and adorable nature wins hearts left and right. Our team wishes Andrea a very bright and beaming future.

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