Angel Vijay Deokule – The Prodigy Kid

We are here talking about Angel Vijay Deokule from Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. Being from such a remote and backward area like Gadchiroli she has proved that when there is a will, there is a way. Her commitment and dedication led her to outstanding success. Her continuous effort has made her a successful and iconic personality. She won 70 + Gold Medal in SQAY Martial Art Game International, national, state competitions. She won the 2019 President Award in Sports Category. She is a brand ambassador for Measles and Rubella Campaign in the Gadchiroli district. 

She was the youngest Gold Medalist in World and Asia. She is a record holder in the Champions Book of Record, India Book of Records, Asia Book of Record, and Global World Record. She has won Gadchiroli Gaurav Puraskar 2 times. She has represented India 4 times at various International level championships. 

Her parents Vijay Deokule and Swati Vijay Deokule recognized her potential when she was only 6 years old. They wish to see her become an IAS or IPS officer as well as a social worker. She is a source of inspiration for many such girls who dream to become successful players. She also got registered her name in Asia’s top 5 influential fighters. She got special recognition and felicitation by Dainik Bhaskar in the Sports Category.

She is very hardworking, determined, and caring. She is an extrovert. She takes care of her friends and family, motivates her teammates, and is always ready to accept challenges. She is down to Earth and a loving kid. She is very interested in social activities.

Sharing some of the memorable moments with their child, Angel’s parents told that they can never forget the moment when she got the President award from the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan, Delhi for sports and also got the opportunity to meet PM Modi.

Further, our team explained to them the features that their child will get through this platform and people will start recognizing her, and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination, so ensuring a normal childhood is very important. Angel’s parents always treat her like a normal child and teach her the values of life and to respect others. They teach her to forget all the achievements and focus on new achievements and hard work. 

All the glories she has achieved and the position where she stands now is not by luck, it is a result of countless days of hard work and dedication. She works every day to be a better version of herself. Her parents always make sure that she does not face any pressure from the expectations of society and get distracted. They guide her to choose the best for her and support her in everything she chooses. They advise other parents to let their children explore and motivate them to pursue whatever interests they have. 

This is all about Angel Vijay Deokule, our team The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future.