“The more that you read, is the more things you will know,

                      the more that you learn, the more places you will go.”


Ankarboina Tejas Naidu, an amazing kid from the city of Hyderabad loves reading and at the early age of 5, he could easily read like an adult. His passion for reading and constant curiosity to know more and more things around never stops. His thirst to acquire more knowledge on a variety of topics and his level of knowledge, logical thinking, and understanding at such a tender age was astonishingly delightful to his parents. At a very tender age, Tejas could identify all the oceans, countries, and continents in the globe and could identify the flags of all the countries as well. He also enjoys reading the encyclopedia, exploring and learning new things, playing legos, mechanics, solving zigsaw puzzles, and Chess. He often sits and talks about topics like the carbon cycle, layers of soil, layers of oceans, magnets, natural disasters, early humans, history of Earth and the Universe, and much more that didn’t commensurate with his peer group and amazed his parents.

With his interest in reading he got a proficiency award in general knowledge for two consecutive years in grade 1 and grade 2 at Delhi Public School, Secunderabad (Hyderabad), and a certificate of achievement by Planet Spark and Logiqids Live. His parents look forward to seeing him as a kind and knowledgeable person who will be a pride to the family, friends, and society.

Tejas is a fun-loving boy and never leaves an opportunity when it comes to playing and spending time with his peer mates and also exploring things other than reading. He comes from a family of Judiciary and Lawyers therefore, concerning his talents and skills, the pressure from the expectations of the society will not bother and sidetrack his focused dedication towards reading, exploring new things, and acquiring knowledge of his interests. 

His journey of reading and inquisitiveness to explore besides the deep-diving attitude is a continuous process. The above-referred interests in Tejas have manifested cumulatively to earn laurels that come in his way at school beside other competitive platforms. According to his parents A V K Naidu and A. Ridhima Naidu, Tejas is a very kind, affectionate, and lovable kid with a strong intellectual and emotional bent of mind with analytical skills. They always taught him the importance of values, culture, and discipline in life and to always respect others. 

As parents, they never put pressure on him and allowed him to observe and absorb knowledge to explore his interests independently. Tejas’s parent’s advice to other parents is to never compare their child, as every child is unique and different. Instead, they believe in giving quality time rather than expensive gadgets and most important to help them in boosting their self-confidence.

We are sure by now you would be amazed by this child prodigy who is such an inspiration for other kids and pride for his parents. This is all about Ankarboina Tejas Naidu. The Child prodigy wishes him more glory and good luck to keep up with his dedication and hard work.