Anmol Santoria: The Child Prodigy

Drawing is a source of communication and the artwork that children get indulged in represents a view of their personalities. Children express their thoughts with the help of drawings. Today we will be talking about a 3.5 years old kid Anmol Santoria, who draws quite well as per his age. He studies at Kidzee School in Asansol, West Bengal. He is the son of Mr. Aman Santoria and Mrs. Shalu Santoria.  

He is quite active in drawing. His parents discovered his talent when he was only 2 years old. He is an effective communicator. He tries to communicate his thoughts and feelings to his parents. He is very creative at this tender age. He is very fond of colors. He is a creative child who tries to do different things. The way he perceives things is quite incredible. His parents could see his inclination towards drawing when he started to draw in his art book provided by the school. He gets very happy while he draws something. His parents feel that he will be a great artist one day, who will have a beautiful art gallery of his own.

He has received two certificates for taking part in the drawing competitions organized at his school. His parents said that all the moments with him are special and memorable but the most memorable one is when he plays with his parents and makes them laugh so much.

When did we ask his parents how would they ensure a normal childhood for Anmol after the fame and recognition he would get after getting featured on our platform?

To this, they replied that he is very young to understand fame. They will teach him simplicity and basic etiquette so that he stays grounded and become a better person.

Some of the parenting tips shared by his parents are that always have faith in your child whether he/she gets rewards or not, let the child explore his/her interest, support them and encourage them to be a better person.

He possesses the personality traits of an extrovert. He gets along with people very easily. He is good at making friends. He is a fun-loving kid who loves to play and go out for a walk. Once he amazed her mother by making a very sweet Mother’s Day card with the help of his father. He also helps his mother with household chores like fetching her something he is capable of.

This was all about Anmol Santoria. The entire team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavors. We positively believe that he will certainly achieve some milestones as he grows up.