Anmolpreet Kaur- The future Cosmetologist


We all take care of our looks but Anmolpreet from a young age showed keen interest in skin and hair care. She is always keen to acquire knowledge in various disciplines like cooking, personal care, sports, and studies with a fine fluency in English. Her parents discovered her talent when she was just 5 years old.
Being an extrovert, she gets along with her peers mates very well. When asked by her parents where they see her 10 years from now, they said we see her doing well in her skin and haircare career. To ensure a normal childhood for their daughter, they permit them to learn good opportunities from every field around her and they don’t even feel any social pressure.
Her collaboration with WOW skin science and Oziva nutrition, participating in cooking and spoon race competitions, reciting poems, and giving speeches in school in front of a large audience are some of the most memorable moments of her parents.
Anmolpreet responsibility take care of both home and studies. She is as caring as a nurse and take care of her grandfather’s medicine. She loves making a variety of foods which can be easily observed from her participation in the cooking competition.
When asked about some parenting tips, her parents said “Give them respect, understand their feelings, and give space to do smart work in their respective fields.”
Anmolpreet likes to make Instagram reels, do collabs, cook, do makeup, and do sports. She puts a lot of effort into personal care as well. She has won a certificate in the cooking competition organized by FM radio Bikaner, a certificate in a marathon organized by Oziva nutrition, and has got the prize in a spoon race organized by her school authorities.

This was all about Anmolpreet Kaur, The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavors.