Annie Singh – The Grandmaster


Child Prodigies do something wonderful by showing up their skills and proficiency at a very tender age. Today we will talk about Annie Singh, who is a very determined kid and wants to contribute to society.

She hails from Thane, Maharashtra. She goes to Holy Cross Convent School in Thane. She is the daughter of Vijaybhan Singh and Zeenie Singh.

From a very young age, Annie was very keen to read, learn and try new things. She has always been excellent in her academic performance. Her interest to keep learning and grasping new topics is worth appreciating.

Her parents discovered her talent at a very young age when Annie was very focused on learning any new activity and had a good memory.

After 10 years from now, her parents see her excelling in life. 

Her list of achievements is as follows: 

Record holder for achieving the maximum number of certificates.

She has achieved 190 certificates in different competitions organized by reputed institutions including SOF, Crest, Cue Math, Humming Bird, Edu Heal, Global Olympiad, Indian Talent Olympiad in English, Mathematics, Science, Coding, General Knowledge, Essay Writing, Drawing, Reasoning, Logicology from 2015 to March 21, 2021, at the age of 7 years, 7 months and 12 days.

Annie Singh was titled as ‘Grandmaster’ for achieving 190 certificates in different competitions.

She has set a new record as “The Youngest Multi-Talented Kid” by Magic Book of Record.

She has Been awarded the “Youngest Best Achiever Award-2021” by Magic Book of Record.

She has earned the title of “The Girl with Talented Mind” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for her extraordinary skills in education.

Annie is awarded as “India Star Icon Kids Achievers Award 2021”, From the National Academy for Art Education.

Annie has won many prizes, scholarships, certificates of achievement, medals, trophies, and Olympiads at State, National, and International levels. 

She has always amazed her parents with her abilities and her interest in learning new things in a short period. Annie is an ambivert and her interests include coding, reading, drawing, etc.

When our team asked about the notion that is it correct that child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone? 

Her parents replied- “In today’s world we as a parent can help our child to balance their time. We must help them to manage their time so that they do are isolated themselves and have a fair time with their peers too. And at the same time work on their skills too”.

 According to her parents, The Child Prodigy is a wonderful platform for the recognition of the child and only parents can help the child in getting a normal childhood. Her parents suggest that we must pay attention and listen to what the child says. Children have many abilities and are always very curious. We can as a parent help them in their discoveries.

Annie is very caring and understanding. She is always ready to help her parents and she is a very adorable child.

This was all about Annie Singh. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.