Anshi – The Master Mind


Child Prodigies always do some wonders at a very young age that are beyond our imagination. They are skillful, proficient, and talented at such a tender age.

Today we will be talking about Anshi Ashish Gamit who has amazed us with her judicious mind and her confidence. Anshi is a multi-talented young girl who has an exceptionally creative and innovative mind and has done some wonders in the field of robotics as well as modeling. She studies at Saraswati International School, Valsad, Gujarat. 

She learned about Robotics from Vigyantram and applied her idea to make sound security system projects, Serving Robot, etc. at home. The first time her parents realized her talent was when she always chose toys like Robots. She always thinks about how it works. In the lockdown period, her parents got her enrolled in coding classes. 

While learning to code she realized that robotics is also connected with coding. After knowing this her parents got her enrolled in Robotics classes too. There she was able to make Smart Sound Security System, Serving Robot, Wireless Robot, etc. This unveiled her tactfulness and her extraordinary talent.

She is 9 years old at present and she is taking every opportunity step by step and at a very early age, she has achieved a lot of things. Her talent is not only limited to robotics but kick-boxing as well as modeling. 

Her parents Dr. Ashish Gamit (father) and Purvi Gamit (mother) shared with us the most memorable and cherished moments they have with Anshi were that when she became a show stopper for BIBA at Mumbai IKFW Fashion Show and when she got her first runner-up trophy in Kick Boxing at State Level. Anshi’s personality traits lie in between that of an extrovert and an introvert that is she is an Ambivert. She is thoughtful and enjoys talking to others and at the same time

We asked Anshi’s mother about how they will help Anshi in managing the features and fame she will get through this platform after people will start recognizing her? 

In the response, Anshi’s mother said that being an India Kids Fashion Week Finalist and a show stopper for many brands she is already familiar with this type of lifestyle.

Our team also asked her parents that do they feel the pressure of the expectations that society may hold from Anshi? 

Her parents told us that they have not felt any sort of pressure of the expectations that society may hold from Anshi and fortunately they have been able to raise her with utmost simplicity to date. 

We further asked Anshi’s mother that despite achieving the talents that Anshi has, in what other ways has she has amazed her parents?

 Responding to this, her mother said that she takes care of her twin sister a lot in every aspect.

The parenting tips that Anshi’s parents have shared with us to raise and nurture a Child Prodigy is that “Don’t put any kind of pressure on the child in any form or whatsoever and let them be who they are”. They say that children are born to fly high. Her parents feel that she is on the correct path and achievements will keep coming and going in her life.

This was all about Anshi Ashish Gamit. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.