Aradhana Evanjilin: The Attentive Learner

Children are full of life and excitement. They have their temperament and learning styles. Today we will be talking about Aradhana Evanjilin, who is quite active at learning new things at a very tender age of just 1.5 years. She is basically from Al Farwaniyah, a city in Kuwait.

She is a curious kid who keeps trying to talk to her parents. She kicks off her day with excitement, joy, and courage which gives her parents a sense of immense happiness. Her parents Amar Avileli Babu (father) and Deepa Evanjilin James (mother) discovered her talent for the first time when she could recite and memorize several poems, songs, and different words at a very tender age of only 1.5 years. At this tender age when toddlers love to play and explore things, Aradhana takes interest in grasping something new at every moment. She has an amazing retention power that whatever she hears from her parents gets stuck in her mind and she repeats it over again after them. Her parents always try to provide her with a distraction-free environment around her. At this age when children only learn to speak a few words, Aradhana received her 1st ever Trophy from a Local Church for memorizing a verse from the holy book Bible and for singing a hymn. Although she hasn’t started going to school yet, she already possesses good knowledge that is going to help her in the future. After 10 years, her parents wish to see her emerge as a champion in whatever field she chooses for herself and a good human being.

When did our team ask her parents how would they ensure a normal childhood for Aradhana after the fame and recognition she will get after getting featured on our platform?

Her parents replied that inculcating humility in her is the foremost priority for them and fame is never going to be a barrier to ensuring her a normal childhood. 

Her parents are helping her grow in every aspect. 

Her parents shared a few parenting tips to raise a child prodigy that is:

Believe in your child and help them explore their talent as every child is unique and talented.

Keep teaching them new things all the time.

She can recognize everyone at her home and she has excellent hearing skills. She is very keen to do things independently. She generally tries to scribble with a pencil and loves to use crayons to draw lines. She keeps on playing around with different things. She even tries to imitate her parents.

Aradhana is an ambivert that is she has the personality traits of an extrovert as well as an introvert. She enjoys her time with her family and sometimes loves to play on her own. She is very caring and loves her parents and her brother unconditionally.

This was all about Aradhana Evanjilin. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.