Archis Samanta- The Child Prodigy

The world is full of wonders and people with amazing talents. One such person possessing amazing talent is Archis Samanta from Burdwan, West Bengal. He has an excellent and very sharp memory. He is capable of learning many things very quickly as compared to kids his age. This is what makes him different from others and special. He is known to be a child prodigy. A child prodigy refers to a person who has extraordinary skills and talents concerning his/her age. There are many things that he can remember and is a record holder for it in the India Book of Records in 2021. 

He has a positive mind and also he is full of enthusiasm. He is very curious to learn more and more from all around him. He does everything that he wishes to do with full consistency. His parents Soumen Samanta and Moumita Dan Samanta realized that he had such astonishing potential within him when he was only 2 years old. At the tender age of just 2 years old, he remembered the names of the states of India and their capitals as well.

Further, we asked his parents about their dreams of seeing Archis 10 years from now and they said that they wish to see their child be an honest, kind, and helping man. We also informed them about the features their child will get through this platform and people will start recognizing him and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination so ensuring a normal childhood is very important so how do they plan to ensure it. They said that they will be working to help him focus on his studies and sports with the blessings of everyone.

Sharing some memorable moments they had with their child they told us that every moment spent with him is unforgettable. Cherishing every moment with a child and exploring his interest is very important and nurturing their skills since childhood is helpful in the future. 

He is an animal lover and very caring in nature. He also helps his family members. He likes solving jigsaw puzzles and boosting his memory. All that he has achieved is not easy, it is a result of a continuous process and lots of hard work and dedication. He has a strong bent of mind with sharp memory like a cherry on top. 

Sometimes a child may feel the pressure from the expectations of society and it can distract them and have many other negative effects as well. Parents need to play a significant role and avoid any such hindrances. They need to teach them the values of life and to always be grounded on Earth. As raising a prodigy kid Archis’s parents recommend other parents to give a positive surrounding as children need to learn everything with love. They should choose what they want to do. We are sure by now you would be amazed by this amazing kid. This was all about Archis Samanta, the team The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.