Arnav Nigam – The Child Prodigy

We are here talking about an amazing child Arnav Nigam from Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is a student of Vibgyor High Malad East, Mumbai. His parents Sanjay Kumar Nigam and Reena Nigam discovered his potential when he was only 2 years old. He had excellent visionary power and was very audible. He had a brilliant memory and was able to identify animals, birds, plants, tools, vehicles, and many more. He had a great fascination for colored books and learned around 50 poems. He has superb fluency and is very inquisitive. This made his parents realize his talent and that he needs training and practice so his energy can be channelized.

He is an ambivert and a very lovable kid. He has an interest in drawing and painting. He plays basketball well too. He loves to make projects as it compels him to think differently. Arnav has grabbed about 626 academic honors and awards in co-curricular activities by participating in various National and International competitions. He secured world rank 1 in Avogadro chemistry by Waterloo University, World mathematical competition, Hong Kong International Maths olympiad, and in many other countries mathematics olympiads. He is a Mathematics Prodigy with a perfect blend of other subjects. 

He is very caring and kind towards others. He respects everyone. His parents wish to see him achieve all his dreams. He has a dream for IIT and at the same time wants to do something for the betterment of mankind. He is a member of IJHS Singapore and is attached with them for Community Service Projects.

Sometimes child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates as they have higher IQs and are busy discovering things in their zone as they are kind of working continuously and get isolated as they think differently. Arnav manages things well and is quite balanced. He spends his leisure time with books and solving questions. 

After the features a child gets through this platform, people start recognizing them and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination so ensuring a normal childhood is very significant. Parents need to make sure that the pressure from society’s expectations does not have any negative impacts. They should make sure that it only works for the child as a booster dose and motivation to do much more in life. Arnav does not let this pressure affect him and does whatever he feels is right. He is self-motivated and gives constant efforts to be the best.

The glories he has achieved are a result of his continuous hard work and dedication. His exceptional achievements speak for themselves. He is multifaceted and versatile. He grasps things quickly and associates. He has been showing a super level of competency in academics and his knowledge is in-depth. Some credit for all this goes to his parents too as they helped him identify his strength and guided him throughout the way. 

We are sure by now you will be amazed by this child. This is all about Arnav Nigam, the team The Child Prodigy wishes him the best of luck for his future.