Arshdeep Kaur Dhaliwal: The Indomitable Spirit

Children are very innocent, true, and free from any sort of hypocrisy. They are so pure at heart that they are considered the human form of God. Today we will be talking about Arshdeep Kaur Dhaliwal, who emerged to be a Corona Warrior during the hard Covid time faced by the whole world. 

She is basically from Moga in Punjab. She studies at Shri Guru Hargobind Shaib Sr. Sec. School in Kussa, Moga. She is the daughter of Mr. Nirbhai Singh and Mrs. Harjinder Kaur.

She is an empathetic child who was always interested in doing social work. She wants to improve the lives of people and alleviate the suffering of poor people. She generally reaches out to people who are in need and tries to help them as much as possible. She has influenced the life of many people by helping them emotionally to get rid of the pain they have faced due to the pandemic and has motivated them to have a great life ahead.

 Her parents discovered her talent for the first time during the lockdown when she started a covid campaign. Arshdeep has played a major role in inspiring many people to live life with more positive energy and fight against Covid during the lockdown through video conferences. She has bagged an Exclusive World Record for launching a campaign against Covid.

She is quite a comprehensive child who understands the need and feelings of the people. She is always ready to give her service to any social worker. She likes to communicate and listen to others. She has a deep sense of understanding of the importance of human relationships. She has supported families and individuals during their difficult times due to Covid by ensuring that they are staying positive and have a zeal to live their life. She is a very motivating child who has always cheered up her family, friends, and other people.

Her parents shared a few parenting tips with us that be friendly to your kids, give them a chance to express themselves and communicate what they want from their life, help them in exploring their interests, and show them the right path. Her parents have fed her with good moral values and ethics that she very understands the meaning of life.

Arshdeep can absorb emotions and feelings very well. She is a kind-hearted girl who cannot see the suffering of others. She tends to help needy people whenever possible. She is a caring person who helps her mother with the household chores. She was the one to stay strong during the Covid and help her family face it emotionally and physically. She is a sensitive child who is very compassionate with others. She is funny and keeps the environment of her house healthy and full of life.

This was all about Arshdeep Kaur Dhaliwal. The entire team of the Child Prodigy wishes her all the best in her future endeavors.