Arshpreet Singh – “An Extraordinary in an Ordinary”

Child Prodigy is rare to find. And if you find that extraordinary talent in your child then you are blessed with the best. Arshpreet Singh is no less than a superhero. The talent he got in him says everything about him.

Arshpreet studies in “Ryan International group of schools Bikaner, Rajasthan. At the age of three, he started showing the sincerity he has in him. During an interview, his parents shared the memorable moment they had with him, which made them feel that their child is an extraordinary one. They said “when he was only three years old and was studying in preliminary school his grandfather said to him that “he would not accompany him to school’’ the reply from Arshpreet made his parents amazed. He replied that he would go by himself and would reach the school by himself. This confidence is very rare to find.

 Arshpreet is a multi-talented boy with the quality of taking decisions quickly. He is a left-arm medium-pacer and right-hand batsman, Not only this but he also knows story writing, with a high IQ level and also a podcaster, an artist and a nature lover too. Oh my God!!!!!! Isn’t it too much for one person??? Arshpreet is also a soft soul who is always willing to help when someone needs him.

Arshpreet parents believe that in the next 10 years  they see their child very successful in academics as well as in sports too. They said, “Arshpreet is an extrovert child and his parents also agreed to the fact that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have a higher IQ and also are busy discovering things in their zone”. And why not???? If one has the talent to juggle things one at a time then he or she will not let even a minute go by without creating something extraordinary from an ordinary skill.

 We all know that if there is something special in someone, it is not easy to hide from others. It has been seen that getting too much attention makes things awful and makes a child overconfident too, which somehow isn’t a good sign. But Arshpreet parents believe that their child can handle such situations more sincerely. They said that “Arshpreet accepts every situation happily and also knows how to acquire more and more knowledge from whatever source comes to him”.

 Arshpreet is passionate to play cricket for India as well as wants to serve his country by being a police official. After being asked about the achievement of their child, his parents shared about his selection in U-14 ASCL and also shared that he takes part in every curriculum activities in school and society.

Arshpreet parents also shared a tip of advice for other parents that; Parents should always trust their child and should always stand by them. A child needs his or her parents in their childhood. Once they get younger they know how to deal with the situations. And parents should also support their child’s ambition and should also motivate them to do better in it.

This was all about Arshpreet Singh. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.