Aruhi – The Learner

The child becomes a Prodigy when he/ she performs exceptionally good in a particular field up to the level of an adult at an age of less than 10. the result produced by them is quite productive and appreciative at a very early age. The children are motivated by their parents by providing them the exposure to various opportunities. Today we will be talking about Aruhi, who will amaze you by her extraordinary skills and her grasping power.

 Aruhi is from Mohali and studies in Shemrock School. Aruhi is an ambivert child who possess the aura of an extrovert person and the patience and thoughtfulness of an introvert person.

When Aruhi was not even 2 years old, her parents Horav Kumar (father) and  Pallavi Gupta (mother) observed her extraordinary learning skills, her curious nature and her surprising retention power. All of these qualities were first discovered in Aruhi when was only 1 and a half years old and she uttered the word ‘Hydrogen’ which she heard when her mother was teaching the periodic table to her students.

There are infinite memorable moments with Aruhi but the most charismatic one is when she won a prize in the Republic Day function at the State Library at the age of 2 and a half years & left the judges amazed and was given the title of ‘Chota Encyclopaedia’ by the judges.

In a story-telling competition at her school, she narrated the story of Thomas Edison & was given the title ‘Lady Edison’ by the teachers by seeing her retention power at a very early age. The teachers were astonished as well as happy when she recited the ‘Dohas’ and the ‘English Alphabets’ in reverse order. She is fond of reading story books, dancing and painting. Moreover, she loves watching mythological stories like Ramayana and Shri Krishna. Aruhi has a soft corner for the animals and likes visiting zoo. She also likes making out mental tricks on her own.

Aruhi is a very helpful, adorable and a charming child. She helps her mother with the house-hold chores like dusting, shelling peas, folding clothes etc. She pampers her mother and takes care of her when she is not well. Adding more to your surprise, she sometimes assists her mother in her classes too. Isn’t it really amazing?

She is less than 7 and a half years old & is in 3rd class and at this age she is learning abacus and coding. According to her mother every child’s brain is like a computer. If we feed the right input, certainly there will be output which can be productive. Her parents want to ensure a normal childhood by keeping the same behaviour with Aruhi as it had always been, even if she gets recognition for being such an extraordinary child. Her parents always try not to pass on the expectations pressure from society on Aruhi which is very necessary for the growth of a child.

Her parents are really looking forward to see her fulfilling her dream of becoming a scientist & making them as well as the country feel proud of her. Aruhi is a very talented child and her parents are extremely happy to have Aruhi as their loving daughter.

The child prodigy wishes her a very happy and healthy life and all the best for her future endeavours.

This was all about  Aruhi . The child prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavours.