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“Do not compare your child to any other children because every child has something unique in them.”

Every child has a different talent; all we need to do is recognize that talent that each child has. It is just that some children outshines the others because world come to know about their unique talent. So with a unique idea of growing vegetables without soil to save 70 to 80 % of water we are introducing the story of Aryaman who is 8 years old. So this little hero’s idea is to grow hydroponic plants. So basically this journey started with his mother who searched the idea for growing plants without soil when Aryaman asked her that “Is there any unique way to grow plants?” One day when Aryaman went to meet his sisters in Calcutta at his Maternal grandparents house he came to know that his grandfather had covered his full terrace covered with different techniques of hydroponics and then he gave him the idea of using hydro rocks which gives support to his model of growing plants without soil. While explaining his idea he also tells us about the meters which he uses to check the acidic level of water. The meters he named were pH meter and TS meter.

When he was asked that ‘why hydroponic technique is better than the other techniques?’ so he replied that ”it is better because all the micro-organisms gets foil he plant you grow, and also soil absorbs 90% of water we give to them every day and only ten percent of water goes to the plant. Also normal technique takes a lot of space but hydroponic technique needs less space and grow more plants.” Not only planting but he also has interest of building paper planes and has a collection of toy blocks for plains.

As a great supporter Aryaman’s mother Mrs. Pooja Maloo quoted that “she will be an ambulance parent and not a helicopter parent.” She doesn’t want to keep roaming around him and tell him what he needs to do and what not to. He should explore his skills by his own whether it is difficult or not but she assured that she is there to help him in every possible way. She believes that the creativity is missing out somewhere because of the education system, lot of pressure of studies. According to Mrs. Maloo if children are getting sometime to explore things what they love to do then they might come up with an idea which is unique and needed to the world. She said every child is like a seed and if we nurture it well they would grow up to form beautiful trees. All they need is right nutrients, right guidance to ensure that they grow up to the best of their potential so that they can unleash their hidden talents.

Aryaman is a brilliant kid and the new ideas that he always has in his mind makes him more special. The child prodigy wishes him all the best to complete his dreams that he has in his mind and thank his mother for doing a really great job by nurturing his son with right amount of guidance and love.  

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