Ashvika Srinivasan – The Prodigy Kid

We are here to put some light on this amazing kid named Ashvika Srinivasan from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her talents and skills have proven her to be named one of the child prodigies. A child prodigy is a kid who is capable of doing things or understanding things more rapidly as compared to other kids of the same age. Usually, kids in the early stage have lack focus and waste their time relaxing. Rather than doing so if a child starts preparing himself/ herself from an early age, it becomes a little easier for them in the future.

Ashvika is surely a pride to her family, friends, and society. She has been named in the India book of records as the fastest child to read. She has also achieved a place in the Nobel book of world records for being the youngest and fastest kid in reading. She has a great ability of multitasking and observation. She started learning different skills at the age of 2.5 years. She can learn anything beyond her age group effortlessly. Her father Srinivasan and mother Lalitha Srinivasan found out the potential within her when she was just 2.5 years old. It so happened that she read a newspaper headline for her schooling interview for her kindergarten. Her parents have been working continuously to provide her with the opportunities to shine well in whatever she wishes to do in life. They want to see her winning more and more awards for the different talents that she still has to show the world.

Overall she is a caring and loving child. She takes good care of a lot of things at home. She even pampers the older ones like the way she is treated when she is ill. She is an ambivert i.e. someone who has a balance between the features of an introvert and an extrovert. She respects her elders and enjoys the company of her peer mates. According to her parents, she does not isolate herself completely to discover things in her zone as she has a higher IQ. She is a very cooperative and grounded person. 

Ensuring a normal childhood for the child is very important and so our team informed her parents about the features she will gain through this platform and people will start recognizing her and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination. Her parents plan on making sure that she sees herself the same way and nothing more or less than a regular child. She is simply treated as a normal child with extra intelligence.

Parents are the pillars for the building that a child wishes to build and so the parents need to nurture and support their child’s passion. Ashvika’s parents make sure that she doesn’t feel any pressure from the expectations of society and teach her to handle these things maturely. They resist any kind of negativity around her. When raising a prodigy kid they recommend other parents to understand their child, talk to them more, and let them decide what they wish to do. This was all about Ashvika Srinivasan and the team Child Prodigy wishes her the best for her future endeavors.