Aarish Saini – The Prodigy Kid

Aarish Saini from Jalandhar, Punjab has shown his talents and proved himself as a child prodigy. A child prodigy is someone with extraordinary talent compared

Mysha Gangwani – The Prodigy Kid

Mysha Gangwani is an outstanding girl from Ludhiana, Punjab who possesses some amazing skills in storytelling, photography, and skating. Her parents Rohit Gangwani and Dr.

Pratyush Mandal: The Little Musician

Music has been an integral part of our lives. It allows people to deliver their thoughts and emotions. Today we will be talking about Pratyush

Jeevan Ganesh: The Child Prodigy

Children of today are very enthusiastic and filled with positive energy to do something. Today we will be talking about one such child, Jeevan Ganesh,