Esther: The Inquisitive Child

Children have a fresh mind and they can learn a lot of things from a very tender age. Today we will be talking about Esther

Sana Mehreen: The All Rounder Child

Children are unique and possess innate abilities. Today we will be talking about Sana Mehreen Sikkandar, who has a great concentration power. She hails from

Prizal: The Child Prodigy

Children are the gems of the nation. They are unique and possess different talents. Today we will be talking about Prizal whose retention power is

Tripurari Kumar – The Child Prodigy

We here are talking about an amazing kid Tripurari Kumar from Saran, Bihar who possesses extraordinary knowledge in Science and technology. He has achieved many

M. Anusri – The Prodigy Kid

M. Anusri is an amazing kid with immense talents from Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. One day her parents R. Mohan and G. Sathya saw her climb

Krishnaansh Gahlot- The Child Prodigy

Krishnaansh Gahlot is an extraordinary kid from Delhi and possesses extraordinary skills in Equestrian sports. At a very tender age, he has made his fame

Saarush Gupta – The Child Prodigy

Saarush Gupta is an extraordinary kid from Hyderabad, Telangana. He is a genius in mathematics. He easily solves grade 7 maths questions being in grade

Aadrit Srivastava – The Child Prodigy

Aadrit Srivastava is an extraordinary kid from Bangalore, Karnataka. Coming from a multilingual family ( mother Bengali, Dad from UP), he is well versed in