Avneet Kanchan Pushpak Mahakalkar – The Prodigy Kid

Avneet Kanchan Pushpak Mahakalkar is an amazing kid from Pune, Maharashtra with a great deal of knowledge and excellence. His parents Pushpak Mahakalkar and Kanchan Barai discovered his potential when he was just 4 years old and showed great curiosity about space and vehicles information and used it to share his knowledge with friends and family. As being a teacher his parents were teaching Space-Tech to a student and by hearing about that terminology he started searching for videos relating to it on the internet. He has the will to gather as much knowledge as he can from his surroundings and has a keen determination for excelling in life. At the age of 5 years, he knew about Space- Tech and a lot about vehicles. He knows most of the parts of Satellites and rockets along with their functions all by himself without any training.

Avneet is a very kind and loving kid and has the potential that with proper training and support, he can become a known person with increased curiosity, working on some robots in 10 years from now. He is an ambivert i.e. someone who can adjust among people comfortably and even enjoys being alone in his zone learning new things and working to be a better version of himself. His parents believe that the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they are busy discovering things in their zone is true and believe that it happens because they are in their world of thought. Avneet sees things differently and never fails to amaze us with his talents.

Talking about the fame that is beyond imagination that comes along the journey we asked about his parent’s plan to ensure a normal childhood for their child, they plan to do so by developing a caring and loving relationship with him. They try to teach him to be caring and respecting others should always be a priority and set high ethical standards. They shared about some memorable moments of their Avneet by which we came to know about his high level of wisdom once his parents asked him to climb a tree and he tried to do so but after some time he said: ” Aai, Happiness is what we bring with us, earlier I was happy with this tree but now I am scared  and I lost my happiness.” Having such great thoughts is something very uncommon among kids.

He loves learning more, playing with friends, dancing, singing, and traveling, and making robots, vehicles, spaceships toys out of blocks. He catches music beats very fast in any language and is very kind to animals. Acquiring such knowledge is not something achieved in a day, it is a result of a continuous process. He has been working hard to earn laurels that come along his way towards success. Constant support and motivation from his parents have helped him a lot and boosted his confidence. They recommend other parents to provide opportunities for children to practice and show them care and gratitude.

We are sure by now you would be amazed by this child prodigy. This was all about Avneet Kanchan Pushpak Mahakalkar, the team Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.