Avyaan Sharma: A Bibliophile

Children have limitless dreams and memories and these dreams become reality when they put their best efforts into them. Today we will be talking about Avyaan Sharma who is greatly oriented and dedicated to the things he is interested in. He studies at GD Goenka Public School in Gurugram, Haryana.

He is good at grasping things quickly and gets bored of the things which he doesn’t find challenging. He is a bibliophile that is who loves to read books of different genres. He had started reading books at the age of 3 years and now at the age of 5 he is reading the great epic ‘Ramayana’. He can read for one hour continuously. He is immensely interested in reading The Constitution of India. He can recite the Preamble within 40 seconds. The only things he could speak before getting one year old was counting from 1-to 10.

His parents Dr. Avnish Sharma and Dr. Pooja Sharma see him continuing his studies in London after 10 years from now. He is already aware of the fact that he is good at a few things but still, he is a grounded kid who loves to have conversations with his friends and elders.  

Some of his achievements are listed below:

He has got his name registered in India’s Book of Records for being the youngest to read 12 English Storybooks in just 30 minutes.

He has also got his name registered in the Asia Book of Records for being the youngest to read 15 English Storybooks containing 150-200 words each in just 30 minutes.

He owns the title of “The Grand Master Avyaan Sharma”.

He has also made a record in India’s Book of Records for being the youngest to read the greatest epic “Ramayana” nonstop for just 30 minutes.

He owns a youtube channel where he educates people about the goodness of Ramayana and the importance of the Constitution.

The most memorable moment of Avyansh shared by his parents was when he was 2 years old and came to know about different colors and started calling everyone by the name of the color of the t-shirt he/she wore.

He loves nature, beaches, cycling, and going out for a walk. He loves to travel and go on trips with his family. He always extends his help to his brother in making projects and experiments. He is quite good at playing carrom-board and online games.

Being an extraordinary child, everyone has expectations of him but his parents have taught him that failure is part of success and every person is good at something or the other. They do not pressurize him for anything and let him do what he loves doing and is comfortable at.

He is a very friendly child who takes care of his friends and his cousins. He has a soft corner in his heart for animals as well as plants. He wants to keep a lot of pets and plants. He is such an adorable child that he put some seeds in the soil and wait for them to grow. He also ensures that people around him are perfectly alright.

This was all about Avyaan Sharma. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.