Avyan Modi – The Child Prodigy

 Every child is unique from each other and yet there exist exceptions in these children as well and those are exceptionally talented and gifted pupils and one such kid is Avyan Modi who is both physically and mentally strong with a golden soul that brings positivity to every human being around him.

Being an introvert, Avyan loves to learn something from a person he is with as his grasping and observing power is relatively higher among his peers since he was in his six months.

As everyone says that don’t be too organized for the future, it is unpredictable. His parents also believe in the same saying and speculate that almighty God has planned something wonderful for their child.

As childhood fades away due to the exceptional talent, we asked Avyan’s parents about the same that how will they ensure a normal childhood for their child, to which they answered that he will never overlook his moral values and help every person in need. “His roots are engraved in the way that no matter whatever apex of success he reaches in life, he will never forget his values” they further added.

They even assured that they will never let society’s expectations hamper their child growth and way of thinking as their child knows that he is beyond comparison and every child is unique in their own way.

His parents share that every day with him is the memorable day of their life as he touches every heart in one go. Avyan adores traveling, cycling, playing chess, badminton and has even won prizes in quizzes, dancing, and drawing as even these activities has got his interest.

He has even excelled in abacus and has earned lots of certificates and medals. He has got recognition from White Hat in coding. Being a certified android developer, he is soon going to develop his own app. He even received the Special Talent Award for knowing all the 195 countries at the small age of 7.

Till now you would be inquisitive to know the parenting tips that Avyan’s parents must have followed while raising him. When asked about the same, his parents said “Stop comparing children and making competitions of their inner values. Focus on their strength instead of improving their weakness.”

These were the glimpse of Avyan’s life who is a pure-hearted soul, a certified android developer and loves to do various outdoor and indoor activities.


This was all about Avyan Modi. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.