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There are many artists outside in this world. And this article is about Ayaansh Chaurasiya who is an artist. He is five years old. His mother name is Mrs. Deepa Chaurasiya and father name is Mr. Pankaj Kumar Chaurasiya.

Ayaansh is a prodigy who draws and paints. He is very fond of colors. He is very caring and developed his skill at very early age. He stays active all the time. His nature is very friendly. He loves to make new friends. Other than studies, whenever he gets time, he prefers to draw and paint. He also loves playing outside with his friends but most of the time he remains busy with his drawings and painting. He has drawn many paintings, but his favorite painting is Lord Ganesha. He paints Indian God and Goddesses more interest.

Ayaansh’s mother teaches him everything. She is preparing for competitive exams, but she teaches his son and gives proper time to his studies. She recognized his talents at the right time andnow she is working to develop his skills according to his interests. Now Aryaansh is practicing to take part in some of the competitions. Mrs. Deepa teaches the school syllabus to her son by herself. Aryaansh is studying in lower KG and he so cultured and talented. He cares for his mother a lot. He is very punctual and a sincere kid.

Aryaansh keeps himself busy every time by doing his favorite interest. Mrs. Deepa wants Aryaansh to become an administrative officer and want him to carry forward his own interests like drawing. Secondly, Aryaansh wants to learn guitar. He has a schedule of doing things and his mother Mrs. Deepa manages all the time whether it is his studies or her household work. Mr. Pankaj Kumar Chaurasiya Aryaansh’s supports his son and wife in every aspect of their life. They always have his back whether it is Aryaansh’s study or Mrs. Deepa’s.

When Aryaansh’s mother was asked a question that “what are the things you would share with the other parents” so she suggested some tips in her interview with “The Child Prodigy.” She believes that it is important to give proper time to the child to see better results and development in them. Sometimes the people around comments him that he is lean, but Mrs. Chaurasiya said that we should never judge anyone or should never underestimate or child. It is important to focus on their development, skills, and activeness.

It is important to understand everyone should understand that every child is different, Please don’t pressurize your kids to do more. Instead of this, we should try to give them a peaceful and free environment where they will learn and explore easily. The only important thing by which you can play a major role in your child’s life is to recognize their interests and guide him in the right direction and the results you’ll see will be unbelievable. They will see dreams with an open mind and maybe one day you will see those dreams are coming true.


The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and Ayaansh is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. If your kid is also extraordinarily talented, then nominate your child now.


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