Ayeesha Shakeel – The Little Taekwondo Master


The Child Prodigy is an individual who can achieve milestones at a very young age or who is a master of one or more arts or skills. Children are unique physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. They have different potential, talents, and abilities. They learn and develop in their distinct ways. Today we will be talking about one such prodigy- Ayeesha Shakeel, a strong and talented girl. 

She was born in Delhi. She goes to Notre Dame School in New Delhi. She is the daughter of Shakeel Ahmed and Wasiya Islam. Ayeesha is excellent at taekwondo and unofficially the youngest black belt in the world. Her parents discovered her talent for the first time when she was 2 years old and showed a great understanding of taekwondo.

 Ayeesha is an athletic girl and she has bagged many medals and cups. She stood 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. She has also received gold as well as a bronze medal in Seoul Cup.  She has won various medals in International Kyorugi (Sparring) Tournaments, State and National Level Tournaments.

Her parents see her as an International Medallist after 10 years from now. Ayeesha’s interests include sports and co-curricular activities. 

When we asked her parents about the notion that Child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things, they replied that it depends upon the nature of the child. There are many examples where students with extraordinary talents have benefitted, other students, by teaching them rather than cutting off them.

To provide her normal childhood her parents want to ensure that the power to make her own decisions still lies to her. 

Although there are many memorable moments with her parents there are two very special moments which are as follows: 


1. The first time she did tile breaking with her head, she was excited as well as very nervous because they were thick marble tiles but as soon as she broke the tiles, she smiled with the shine of confidence on her face.

2. She went to the zoo with her parents when she was around 2 and they got her ice cream and before she could take a bite, a monkey came swinging and snatched the ice cream from her hand. Everyone laughed a lot and her father got her another ice cream.

Her parents have never felt the pressure of expectations of society on Ayeesha because society is not important for them when it comes to family. they think that their daughter can go much beyond the expectations of society, but she’ll never feel the pressure to do it. The choice of taking decisions depends on what Ayeesha wants.

The parenting tips that Ayeesha’s parents would like to share are:

Always believe in your child.

 Give them time, sometimes we get so excited about what the future holds for our children and we forget that they are just kids and we might be burdening them.

 Never compare your day one with someone’s day hundred.

Understand that every child is different, something that takes a week for a child to learn might take two weeks for another child.

Ayeesha has helped nature and she willingly volunteers to help out her mother and her brothers in household chores even after training.

This was all about Ayeesha Shakeel. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.