Baanvi Jaiswal – The Child Prodigy

The old discussion of whether or not Geniuses are created or born has however to conclude, however, time and once more a baby comes on who challenges each the notion and one such child is Baanvi Jaiswal. She was born in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. She is a multi-talented girl who has passion towards drawing, dancing and singing. Inspite of all these Baanvi is good learner too and she enjoy knowing and learning new things.

Every child becomes successful with the support of their loved one that is their parents. Baanvi mother named Richa Jaiswal recognized her child’s talent when she was just 2 years old when she used to play music and dance for it herself. She wishes to see her child as a happy, healthy, self-confident, bold to face every obstacles in life and achieve everything what she wants 10 years from now.

Baanvi is an Ambivert in personality. And her mother explains about her memories as doing dance together, drawing together, playing together ,eating chocolate together and one of her best quality of sharing her chocolate. she always try to enjoy every moment with her child which is the most precious gift for the parents to make every moment memorable for now and forever.

Baanvi parents wants her childhood to be very pleasant like she has to study hard, should respect her parents, friends and family with love, care everyone, has to study hard ,learn classical dance and do all the things whatever she enjoys and plays.

Baanvi inspite of her talents she is a good care taker too at this small age as she recognizes her parents when they are sick and takes care of them and also help them in the haousehold works and other stuffs which is one of the rare gifted personality seeing which her parents were amazed off most of the times.


Baanvi has done a certified crash course by bollywood classical dancer Bhakti Despandey. She has participated in India’s super talented kid and got many certificates in school.
This was all about Baanvi Jaiswal. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavours.