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According to Adrienne Posey, “Dancing is the rhythm of the soul expressed in movement, beauty, art, and creativity.” Bhavashree is a young girl, who was just three years old when her parents discovered that she is a gifted dancer. She is a very talented dancer and has won many awards in various dance forms. Dancing is her passion and she also loves to learn and research more and more about various dance forms. Bhavashree is an introvert but her parents say that the notion, that, child prodigies isolate themselves from their peers since they have a higher IQ, does not hold true for her. They say that she learns more by discussing it with her peers, which furthermore leads to her development as a child, a dancer and a human being.

Bhavashree’s parents believe in teaching children that no matter how many achievements they experience or how much success they get, they should always stay humble, modest and down-to-earth to achieve more success in their lives. They went on to tell us that she received the Young Women Achiever Award when she was just 10 years old.  

She is a very passionate dancer and her interests and life revolve around dance, including learning and researching about different forms of dances. Bhavashree’s parents say that they haven’t received any pressure from the society and as far as they are concerned, they don’t put any pressure on Bhavashree regarding anything in her life. She is free to choose whatever she wants to do in her life and whatever she is interested in. They just want her to be a humble and modest human being no matter whatever field she chooses in her life ahead. This is the same tip they give the parents raising their child who is a prodigy, to never pressurize your child. Always try to help and motivate them in whatever they do and whatever they choose to do.

They also told us how Bhavashree is a caring and helpful girl. She loves to help her mom whenever she is cooking and also takes care of her little brother as well. Lastly, Bhavashree’s parents told us about the various achievements that she has received till now. They told us that she has won many prizes at District, State, National and Global level dance competitions. She has also won various awards, like, Kalaside, Sadanai Sudar, Youth icon, Young achiever, Super dancer and Muthamil awards.   



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