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Just 3 month after her birth, Chanvitha Sundari R started painting her dreams and vision on a sheet of paper, with unique and beautiful colour choices. Even before her first birthday, she had stated titling her impressive art works, making her capable of sharing ‘Visionary Artists of India’ title with her brother—Virat. 

Chanvitha, who had started responding to colours at bare three months of age, has painted over 60 paintings to date. Besides decorating the walls of their home, Chanvitha and her elder brother had even donated some of their artworks for the wellness of the society.  

Parents of the star artist, Rajadrkaran D and Divya Rajasekaran, feel proud that their daughter has started attaining achievements at young age. “Chanvitha was only three-months old when her brother wanted her to be a part of his exhibition. Then, she started painting and found her own interest in it. She could barely sit properly at that tender age but her interest kept her going. So excited, she even crawls and swims on paint at our terrace and with paint on her entire body, she could still put her designs on canvas. She even displays here solo works at the exhibitions”, said Divya, artist’s mother.   

While adding achievements in her list, Chanvitha’s parents said that she has already exhibited her artworks in Chennai and Bangalore and has a good client base. Her works have been donated for various causes. She and her brother have even done a duo painting of 6 feet.

Besides painting, Chanvitha loves to dance, play with soft toys and participate in sports. The young artist dreams of starting up a new venture ‘Jumpon’, which involves a lot of physical activities for kids.

“She often talks about her dream of starting Jumpon. At just 4-months of her age, she had started practising exercises”, said her parents, adding that they are happy to allow their daughter to pursue all her dreams and opt for any vocation of her own choice in future.  

“When our children will get start getting fame and recognition, we will ensure that kids enjoy whatever they do. Irrespective of what will be going around her, we would like to get the best out of her passion and interest. So far, society is not keeping expectations for my so young daughter, but we will ensure that she handles the pressure positively and gives her best to the society. I wish Chanvitha and Virat continue their good work keep going and do their part of wellness to the society in all possible means’, said their parents.   

When asked about best and memorable moments spent with her daughter, Divya Rajasekaran excitedly said, “When Chanvitha started painting at three-month of age, she couldn’t balance herself to sit. She used to sit on my lap while painting. She crawls all over the paint and expresses herself without any second thought on the canvas. We had started making edible home-made paints for her. Looking at the way she uses and handles paints is always memorable.”

“I remember that she once made a painting with just green colour and shades of it. She added a bit of yellow to it and finally named it as ‘Newt’. This was her first title, and it will always be memorable for us. The way she pronounced Newt is still fresh in my mind”, she added.

Besides being extraordinary in co-curricular activities, Chanvitha is a beautiful soul. “She is very caring and loving. Her brother is everything for her. She respects him and listens to him, more than she listens to us. She also server dinner to her father daily and also fights to open the door for him every time she hears door knock”, Divya said, added that her personality and wish to interact with others depend on her mood.

Chanvitha’s parents firmly believed that the child prodigies don’t intend to isolate themselves while the children just search for like-minded people or some activities so that they can interact with them without being shy.”

While giving advice to other parents, Chanvitha’s parents further said, “Parents should let their children to go with the flow and their thoughts. Parents should trust their children and should believe in them.”



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