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Child Prodigy! The term always gives us Goosebumps and forces us to imagine how do they polish their skills. What is their lifestyle? Do they sometimes feel the pressure of the expectations of society? How is their personality trait etc?

Over the past few years, there have been many notions about them. For instance, it is believed that child prodigies grow up to be introverts as they have a higher IQ than their Peer Mates and they zone out to experiment and discover new things. Therefore they do not develop a very strong social circle but can maintain a very strong position in society due to their talent.

Today we will be talking about Swaksh Chopra and answer all your questions. Swaksh is a prodigy who has an immense interest in acting and expresses things perfectly. While talking to the Child Prodigy Team his parents told us, “His every moment is special for them but once he copied one of the acts from a serial that amazed us”.

Not only in acting skills buts in other areas also this child prodigy is leaving us spellbound. At this young age, he is well versed with technology and can amaze you all with his tech savvy skills. Adding the cherry on the cake Swaksh has polished some more skills. As per his age, he has a vast ocean of knowledge, his pronunciation is also perfect and his ability to explore more things is what makes him a prodigy.

As far as the notion about Child Prodigies growing into an introvert is concerned then his parents told that yes they believe it but as of now Swaksh is an extrovert and a friendly child who would share his Pizza with you if you sit with him in the canteen.

There are many schools of thought that have developed the concept of Child Prodigies. One believes that sometimes these child prodigies feel the pressure of society because people start expecting a lot from them. Well in the case of Swaksh it is not true; he takes the challenges head-on and is a very positive child. Certainly, it is the right parenting that plays a major role in the development of a child. So we asked Mr. Aditya Chopra (Father) and Mrs. Yamini Chopra (Mother) about some parenting tips that they can give to other parents to which they replied “Let them spread their wings and discover their inner interests”. They further added that they see Swaksh at a very higher level 10 years from now.

Swaksh’s parents also told that despite all the fame and appreciation Swaksh gets, they make sure to keep him grounded by giving him exposure to a normal childhood- playing with other kids, taking swings, making his clothes dirty, etc. As told earlier he is a very friendly child and an extrovert but you would be amazed to see the care he shows to his parents when they are not well. In conversation with the Child Prodigy, his mother told that “He is very caring. The most loved part is during my headache. He soothes so much with his love” her eyes shined.

Adding more to the inspiration Swaksh has given us, we would love to tell that he is a perfectionist and loves to keep his things at his place, which most of us adults fail to do isn’t it?

So this was all about the Child Prodigy Swaksh Chopra we wish him all the best for his further endeavours.




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