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While many of us have spent our childhood days watching cartoons, some kids were more focused on working on their talent and passion. Every child is special in his or her way but some are exceptionally gifted. We bring you some of the brightest brains from India, who’ve won us acclaim and honor the world over.


 And “Viaan” is one of the talented kids who is a record holder in the prestigious book “India book of records”. He is three years old kid. He is fast learning and his grasping power is excellent. His favorite quote is “I can do anything if I try.” It is inspiring seeing a child of this age having so much confidence in himself, even his mother is very inspired with him. He is always curious to explore new things.


He loves watching marvel movies and at this age, if anyone will ask him his idol he would say “Captain America.” He is a little champion. By the age of 2 where other kids learn their alphabets, Viaan was already writing A-Z, and numbers 1-10. He observes his surroundings well and learns things very fast. 


Viaan has won many state and national competitions. At the tender age of 2 years and six months, he uses to pronounce his parent’s name, identified 17 animal sounds, 17 fruits and 17 types of animal feed, 12 community helpers, 12 vegetables, 12 sea animals, 12 vehicles, 12 colors, 7birds, and 7 insects, 27 animals, 8 animal homes, 25 opposites and 25 body parts, 15 shapes, days of the week, numbers (1-30), national animal, bird, and flower, use to recite English alphabets(A-Z) and Hindi “swar” and Gayatri mantra. By the age of 2 where other kids learn some alphabets, Viaan has started writing English alphabets in order (A-Z) and counting from 1 to 10. Apart from this, he has numerous certificates for the competition he had participated which were held nationwide.


So basically getting Viaan’s name into the record book was not the goal. But from the very beginning, Viaan’ss mother uses to teach him in a way that it would be fun to learn something new. Viaan’s mother introduced him to the books when he was about 6 months old, so he has grown up to be a little bibliophile which has helped to cover most of the topics easily.


When Viaan’s mother was asked a question that “what are the things you would share with the other parents” so she suggested that, everyone should understand that every child is different, just because Viaan has achieved these awards at the age of two that doesn’t mean every child should have to do the same. Please don’t pressurize your kids to do more. Instead of this, we should try to give them a peaceful and free environment where they will learn and explore easily. The only important thing by which you can play a major role in your child’s life is to recognize their interests and guide him in the right direction and the results you’ll see will be unbelievable. They will see dreams with an open mind and maybe one day you will see those dreams are coming true.


The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and Viaan is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. If your kid is also extraordinarily talented, then nominate your child now.


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