Dakshesh: The Upcoming Tabla Artist

Music is something that we all enjoy and it is part of our lives that is calming and soothing. Today we will be talking about Dakshesh Pathak, who is exceptionally good at playing Tabla. He was born in New Delhi. He is currently studying at GD Goenka Public School at Dwarka, New Delhi.
He is efficient at giving the main beat to a song with the help of Tabla. His fingers and hand strokes produce a very beautiful rhythm. At a very tender age, he is determined at learning Tabla and gives many hours of a day for practicing it. He is wonderful at playing different rhythmic patterns. He belongs to the Amta Gharana in Bihar and he is taking forward the family tradition and legacy of playing tabla, as his great grandfather Pt. Ramdin Pathak and grandfather Pt. Satyabhuwan Pathak were also great tabla artists. Even his father Shri Dinanath Pathak is also a Tabla Artist. Dakshesh is learning properly in Guru Shishya Parampara under the guidance of his guru pt. Abhishek Mishra from Banaras Gharana and Sawani Talwalkarji.
His parents discovered his talent at a very young age when he showed signs of understanding rhythm and beats. His parents see him as a great Tabla artist after 10 years from now. He enjoys playing Tabla and his Tabla sessions gives him immense happiness. The most memorable moment for Dakshesh’s parents is when he was 2 years old and played dholak on the stage. He was appreciated by the audience and received a lot of love from everyone.
He has won a National Competition that is Bal Kala Utsav 2021. He has also won Anawaran Samaroh Performance Award IN 2020. He is an ambivert child who respects his elders. He is very humble and a down-to-earth person.
When did our team ask his parents about the notion that it is correct that Child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone?
They replied that they do not feel it is correct and it depends on the parents and teachers that they ensure that he feels like a normal child. The child must grow with other children and learn to interact with others in a normal fashion and humble manner.
His parents Dinanath Pathak (father) and Anupam (mother) want to ensure that he grows up in close contact with his peers. They ensure that he goes out to play with others and follow a routine to learn new things and have a normal growing-up experience with others.
He has a strong interest in different rhythms and beats. Besides this, he is engaged in different games and arts.
His parents feel no pressure or expectations from the society that may hold from Dakshesh.
Some parenting tips from Dakshesh parents:
Help your child explore various things
Teach him/her about the time management
Support your child in every step of their life.
Try to understand the interest of your child.
Ensure the routine that your child goes out to play and maintain contact with others.
Dakshesh is a caring child who has empathy for others. He loves to explore creative avenues. He is very creative and he wants to carry on the legacy of 5000 years old rhythmic tradition of classical music to a different level.
This was all about Dakshesh Pathak. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.