Dakshith – The Multi-talented Kid


Child Prodigies always engage themselves in discovering new things by using creative and innovative skills. One such prodigy is Dakshith P A. He is from Bangalore and studies in Sri Vidya Mandir Education Society. Dakshith is a very lively kid who knows how to enjoy every moment happily and at the same time is very inquisitive to know things around him.

Dakshith is a very ambitious, quick learner and he is always busy doing one or the other activities. He has expertise in academics, sports, robotics, blindfold dance, and many more things. He has participated in many competitions and won prizes too. everything he also holds good values and offers a helping hand in household courses. 

The first time when his talent was unveiled was at the age of 3 when he performed on stage and got appreciation from everyone. Later on, at the age of 5, he was wondering how blind people do their things by themselves. 

His parents P Anand (father) and Usha (mother) told him that everything comes from practice and they have to survive in this society, situations make them very strong. He dedicated a dance performance for blind people. He is well-versed in skipping and did skipping dance along with a blindfold.

His list of achievements is as follows:

He has played football league matches for the Karnataka Football Association under the age of 6 age group.

 He won first prize in Skating Competition at the school level and district level. 

He won the Creative Thinker Award in Roboto’s National Level Competition, conducted by Wing Robotics. 

He has been recognized by the State book of Records for his Blindfold Skipping Dance.

 He has been enrolled in the World Guinness Book of Record and Work Wonder Book.

 He has won a National Level Talent Competition which is conducted by Wonder Buddies. 

He won a National Level Chess Tournament as well.

 He has got prizes in shloka recitation, storytelling, speech, drawing, handwriting, fancy dress competition at State and National level.

His parent’s opinion about him is that he will do much more wonders than they expect. He is an extrovert, a very hardworking child, and has always focused on his ambition. 

His parents always help him to enjoy his childhood and never forces him to do anything which he doesn’t like. They think that as parents we just need to encourage and support our children in which they are showing keen interest instead of forcing them to do different things.

 One of the most memorable moments of Dakshith is when he was just 4 years old and comforted her mother as she had left her phone at home and the car she was driving got some mechanical problem and there were no other people on the road. Finally, he stopped a vehicle on that road and asked for help. He is very bold and strong.

His parents always encourage and positively support him even if he fails to do something.

Some of the parenting tips given by parents are mentioned below:

Don’t allow kids to waste time watching TV or playing with any gadget. 

Teach moral values to the kids.

Don’t force them to do anything which they don’t like. 

Appreciate them for every small or big thing.

They learn by observing us. So, be conscious of whatever you do in front of kids. 

All kids are unique and talented. It is just we need to recognize it and motivate them to pursue it.

He is a very helpful, honest, truthful, lovable, and kind-hearted kid and takes care of his parents, sisters, and grandparents. He never wastes resources like food, stationery, toys, or any things that matter. He is a great inspiration for his parents as well. He listens and understands more. He has always made his family proud.

This was all about Dakshith. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.