Debansi Aradhya Sahu- The Child Prodigy


According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, Child Prodigy means a young child who has very great ability in something. One such talent is Debansi Aradhya Sahu from the city, Thelkuli, Sambalpur situated in the state of Odisha. She is a very intelligent and talented girl. When asked by her parents about how they recognized the 

potential within her, they responded that when she was just a 18 months old girl  she gave an extraordinary performance that left her parents awe-struck. At that age she sang the National Anthem very clearly with her alluring voice. And also she chanted the Gayatri mantra and any type of other activities they told her to carryout. She is the topper in her school from prenursery to till date.

Further we asked her parents that where they see Debansi in the next 10 years from now to which they replied that in the saturated condition or extreme condition, they are willing to see her at the higher level in the prodigy
organization. Also, they have a dream to see her excel in life and be the most appropriate contender for the best child of India and receive an award for the sane from the hands of our honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.

Adding to the list, when asked about the personality traits she possessed, they described her as an Introvert, Extrovert i.e. a person who is confident and full of life and who prefers being with people rather than being alone and also she is an Ambivert i.e. a person who haves the capability to be an extrovert or an introvert as per the need of the hour.

Furthermore, we asked their opinion that if the notion is correct that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their own zone to which we received ‘Yes’
as an answer. Children with higher IQ usually think differently and are always eager to learn and spend time 

thinking about things that others generally ignore.

We also informed that the platform we will provide her will also open the door of fame that is something beyond imagination and they including Debansi should be mentally strong to ensure that it does not affect her in the
wrong way. They told us ensuring that proper care is taken and she will be treated just like any other normal child.

One of memorable moments in the little one’s life is when she was 3 years old and played the role of goddess Durga in a fancy dress competition and spoke the whole Durga Stuti pouring sweetness in everybody’s mind.

Such kids often feel the pressure of the expectations that society may hold from them, she handles them by giving performance as needed. Debansi’s parents also were glad to share a note to all other parents that they should
not put pressure on their child and let them do whatever they wish to do with their talent.


These hereby were the glimpses of the child prodigy Debansi Aradhya Sahu. At this tender age, she already has got such achievements and will keep on the hard work to add lots of more to her list. 

This was all about Debansi Aradhya Sahu The child prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavours.