Deepak Agarwal – “The Selfless Being”

We discover many people who are always inclined towards helping others but do we get hold of selfless people frequently? No! But one such person is Deepak Agarwal who hails from Katihar, Bihar, and is a member of Marwari Yuva Manch where he works for people selflessly. He has given out his heart for the needy people in tough times like vividh and even on festivals. 

Deepak is an author who has published his books on both Flipkart and Amazon. He has a keen interest in writing about crimes. He respects and protects women and always keeps a soft heart for them. His parents believe that their son can construct a better India with his words. 

His parents confess that they found out his child was a prodigy when he started writing articles for newspapers and took a step towards writing a book. Being an ambivert, his parents believe that child prodigies do isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone but still, they feel that there is a great future waiting for their son and they will see a more successful Deepak in the coming years. 

When asked about how the parents will ensure a normal childhood, they said that a person who is on his own and is never dependent on anyone will have a normal childhood and even advice that don’t be on cloud nine while taking steps on the ladder of success and always keep the focus on the aim without stopping. 

Deepak’s parents don’t care about society and have faith that their kid’s future will define his present and past and would be an answer to others who were having expectations. When asked about some memorable moments, his parents share that even though Deepak is now 20 years old he has a mixture of both childish and mature nature. His parents are the world to him as whenever he has to leave for the hostel, he gets very emotional and hugs them, and worries about the long period he will be away from them.

His parent’s advice other parents that look for the capabilities your child has every child is unique from each other and even adds “Your children might not be good in studies and there itself you will get a point that your child is has been made to do a special work and you have to support them.”

His parents are amazed by the way he takes care of everyone, be it his parents who have fallen sick or the other members of the family, they add “He can’t say no to anybody.” Deepak has an interest in journalism, public speaking, writing, caring about other people, and helping out poor people. He is a state-level public speaker who even got nominated for the perfect women’s achiever award. He has been two times school table tennis runner up. He even got PC Chandra drawing competition winner and was even school Hindi elocution competition winner. He was even featured in the Indian Talents Library. 

This was all about Deepak Agarwal who loves to devote his life to caring for family and needy people and has the vision to make a better India with his skills. The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavors.