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According to Collins dictionary, “a child prodigy is a child with a very great talent.” One such child, a very talented girl and an exceptionally great student is Devasena. Her talents were identified by her parents when she was only two years old. Her mother describes her as a well matured and organized girl. She is also extremely good at administration. At a very young age, she knew complete India Mapology, including all Indian states, their capitals and all the 9 Union Territories. She is a very charismatic child, having great observational and listening skills. She won the second prize in singing Sanskrit song, fancy dress on save girl child, and in English poetry organized by Wonder of Talents Competition held at National level. She even received a Stellar Performance Award from The Great Indian Art Contest conducted at National level. Devasena has also received the first prize in Art and Craft. She has also sung in Smart Super Star Kids competition held at Pondicherry. Apart from this, she received an Excellence Award in Kids Fiesta summer camp in North India. Devasena mostly sings Sanskrit and Hindi devotional songs and is also extremely good at narrating stories that she learns. Her name and photo have also been highlighted in the school magazine. Also, she was shortlisted for Top 100 child prodigies across the world.

We asked Devasena’s parents about where they see her in the next 10 years. To this, they replied that Devasena is a very charismatic and an extrovert child. Her observational and listening skills are exceptionally good. They just knew that, in whatever field she chooses, she will be exceptionally good, an all-rounder and also a great decision maker. Moreover, they did not feel the notion that child prodigy isolates themselves, to hold true for Devasena. They said that a child comes up with new ideas by mingling with others.

On sharing some memorable moments, her mom told us an instance where she was teaching her child about living and non-living things and Devasena argued that a book is a living thing and not a non-living thing. She said that Devsena validated her points so exceptionally and her way of explanation was mind blowing.

To know more about Devasena, we asked her parents about her hobbies, which included, Singing, Art and Craft, Making YouTube blogs, Dancing and doing all activities in the intellect kit from Firstcry and from Flinto Box. Her parents went on to talk about some other ways that their child amazes them. They said that Devasena, herself, is a young kid but she teaches her younger brother too. She also comes to know when her mother is happy or sad, just by observing, and whenever her mother feels low, Devasena makes her smile and feeds her food with her own hands. Moreover, Devasena also keeps her things neat and organized by herself and plans her schedule every day in a very systematic manner. She also has the best hospitality skills.

Lastly, some parenting tips that Devasena’s parents gave to our readers was to keep encouraging your child and motivate them to give their best. Whatever your child’s interest might be, he/she should be the best at it. The happiness of your child should be your topmost priority. a



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