Dhruva Dinesh Patil- “The Critical Thinker”


Dhruva has amused his parents since his childhood. His parents discovered their child’s talent when he was 3-year-old. He showed tremendous focus at a very early age. He started a serious chess tournament at age 3 year 8 months and Within 4 years of span, he became the world no. 1 chess player of the world under his age category and even achieved more than 50 chess trophies and certificates. 

He also officially represented the world chess championship in China. He doesn’t just excel in chess but also music, he plays violin and tabla efficiently. He even got 99% percentile in math Olympiad when he was just in 3rd grade. Dhruva can solve all rubic cubes and has attended an international cube tournament, his current score is less than 30 sec for a 3×3 rubic cube. 

His parents believe that he will achieve great success in life. Being an introvert, his parents think that as the prodigies have a different perspective in comparison to others then they might isolate themselves from their peer mates. 

When asked about how they are going to maintain a normal childhood for their kid, they said that they will teach their kid how to be down to Earth and give examples of people who went downhill in their life when success got in their heads. 

The parents share that every day they get surprised with Dhruva even when they don’t expect any and the most memorable moment was when he won the national championship in the USA and also when he won several state championships. He is the most caring person in the family and never demand anything from his parents and rather support the family with the earning he get from playing chess tournament. 

Dhruva’s parents say that they will ignore the society for their kid and believes that hard work will speak for itself and gives the tip to other parents that they should be natural with their children and make sure that they get everything they need at a specific age without expecting anything in return so that they amaze you one day. 

Dhruva plays all kinds of sports and loves to be surrounded by his friends. He has officially represented at World Chess Championship under 8 age categories in 2019, USA. He was a three-time USA state championship and even two-time national champion runner-up in the USA. 

This was all about Dhruva Dinesh Patil. The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavors.