Driti Mahajan – The Child Prodigy

Nowadays where every other child spends their time on watching cartoons and other shows. Child prodigies in India achieved the greatest award which any adult can imagine. Child Prodigy is something extraordinary talent shows by the children. These children have the ability to achieve success at the very earliest stage of their life. Here we can take the example of Driti Mahajan- The child prodigy! Daughter of Rahul Mahajan and Riya Mahajan. She was born on January 31,2017 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. At the
earliest age of her life she has a flickering mind and curiosity to know everything. Which makes her different from other children. Being in this age she has achieved a lot of things! Which none of us can imagine. Her achievements includes-
● Got an appreciated award from India Book of Recoed for identifying 15 colours ,10 animals,40 two letter words , 8 community helpers, 8 shapes , 28 cosmetics products, answering 40 G.K questions, reciting one English story and having interest in drawing and colouring at just the age of 4 years 8 months.
She is one girl with many talents like dance, art, craft , making puzzles , reading , acting etc. being of all these talents she is so caring and loving in nature. She cares for her siblings like a mother when she is sick. This shows her inherent abilities which make her a good human being and shows how brilliantly her parents raised her. Sometimes not the child but the environment where the child is surrounded shows the true nature of the child. The qualities and her well human being nature shows about her parents
well raised to their daughter.
Her mother(Riya Mahajan)always appreciates her and never gets offended by her curiosity and asking questions about something. She thinks childhood is the most important part of life and never comes again so make sure the childhood period of the children would be better so that It will help them in future growth. Well said by her mother(Riya Mahajan), childhood is that stage of the life where the parents can correctly guide and provide the right platform to their kids to show their talent and they could become a child like Dhriti Mahajan. We still live in an environment where some parents are afraid of having a girl child and hesitate to educate them. So Dhriti’s parents are the other example of this side where her mother wants Dhriti to become an IAS officer in future. I hope everyone of girl child parents  think so and provide a better education to their daughters so they could make their parents proud.
So we can say Dhriti is a multi- talented child with a lot of recognition in the earliest age of her life. I am sure the child prodigy of her extrovert nature will take on the highest level of success. Because nowadays everybody is afraid of asking things even the adults cannot ask frequent questions the way Dhriti is asking and knowing things. The 

curious nature in her will make her a successful person with a lot of knowledge as many children lack. The author once said when we ask then we’ll learn.

This was all about Driti Mahajan. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavours.